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Bloomington Fire Department news

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Bloomington’s fire chief said Monday that statistics for the past year continue to underline the need for a new fire station in the northeast part of the city.

Chief Brian Mohr explained there continues to be growth to the northeast and his department’s problem is the travel time when responding to that area.

“We need to build a station and put a resource in that location in order to reduce those times,” said Mohr. “But the other side of that is we’re still seeing the over utilization of our downtown headquarters district. Until we address that immediate problem we’re not going to be able to see that big of an impact in those response times.”

The 2016 stats show the department’s units which respond out of the downtown headquarters by far see the most use.

“To be more accurate about that reporting as to how many of those calls actually happen in the headquarters primary district is, I think, the biggest eye opener,” Mohr said.

According to the department’s stats, the main medic unit in downtown responded to 3,772 calls in 2016. The main fire engine responded to 1250 calls.

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Joliet Fire Department news

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 A 70-year-old man has died after his clothes caught fire Friday at his Joliet home.

Donnie Creal was pronounced dead at 12:36 p.m. Saturday at the burn unit at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.

At 9:45 p.m. Friday, firefighters were called to Creal’s residence in the 1100 block of Charlesworth Avenue and extinguished a small kitchen fire, according to Joliet Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Stromberg.

“[Creal] had been sitting on his enclosed porch watching television with his chair next to a propane heater,” Stromberg said. “His clothing got too close, he tried to extinguish them himself, but was unable to do so.”

Creal then ran through his kitchen to get into the shower and set some packages on the counter ablaze. A neighbor called 911 and a Joliet police officer suffered smoke inhalation while removing Creal from the house.

Creal spoke with investigators in the ambulance as he was taken to Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox. He later was transported to Loyola. The medical examiner’s office has ruled his death an accident.

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New engine for Melrose Park

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce Melrose Park Fire Dept so#30383

new fire engine for the Melrose Park Fire Department

Pierce composite

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New aerial for Schiller Park

Production has begun at E-ONE on the new aerial ladder for Schiller Park so#140906

fire truck being built

E-ONE photo

fire truck being built

E-ONE photo

fire truck being built

E-ONE photo

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