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Lombard Fire Department news

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Faced with ever-increasing calls for service, the Lombard Fire Department now will staff a third ambulance every day round-the-clock.

Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Howell said the department responded to 6,699 ambulance calls last year and a couple hundred of those had to be answered by crews from neighboring communities because Lombard’s were busy elsewhere. He said he expects the number of calls to increase again this year for a variety of reasons.

Howell said the department acquired its third ambulance in September, but only recently received funding from the village board to staff it round-the-clock like its two other ambulances.

The department also can use engines to provide medical aid because they carry the same ALS equipment and medications as the ambulances, but only ambulances can transport patients to the hospital.

Every Lombard firefighter is a state-certified paramedic.

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New truck for Pleasant Prairie, WI (more)

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At 100 feet in the air, Fire Chief Doug McElmury and Pleasant Prairie firefighters train on the village’s new aerial fire truck.

For McElmury and his firefighters, this $1.1 million, state-of-the-art ladder truck is one a significant upgrade, replacing a 29-year-old version. The older truck, he said, is being sold.

The new truck was featured at the Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services Association Conference in January and took two years to custom design. It was approved in the village’s budget as part of scheduled equipment replacement.

He points out the nearby industrial park, which contains plants such as Emco Chemical and Rustoleum. But the village also has senior citizen apartment complexes that are multiple stories, as well as multi-family apartments.

The new … tower ladder  … is useful during rescues at multi-family units and senior housing …

The master streams … can be operated via remote … from a remote control unit that can be used to set the parameters of the stream, including oscillation.

“We can use them on a fog stream for flammable liquids, or to cool things down. Or, a smooth bore which will penetrate through if we need to get at some Class A combustibles or a building,” he said.

“We can actually back up about a quarter mile, and we can use a remote. Once we get the water flowing, we can back up and do it from there.”

The entire truck with the ladder weighs about 78,000 pounds, and the truck is 47 feet long and 11 feet high, equipped with LED lighting that enables it to be used as a light tower. With the remote control, firefighters are able to us thermal imaging to find hot and cool spots during a fire.

Running the truck will be the fire department’s pump operators. On Saturday, the crews on all three shifts finished the factory training. In-house training will go on for four or five weeks. McElmury said the community won’t be seeing the new rig on calls until April.

“This is a pretty complicated piece of equipment. Probably the most complicated piece of equipment most  departments own is an aerial.”

“There’s a lot that goes into this truck,” he said. “The ladder is the main feature seen on the truck, but what we really have here is a rolling toolbox.”

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New engine for Chicago (more)

Updated production photos at E-ONE showing one of three engines being built for Chicago so #140846

fire truck being built

E-ONE photo

fire truck being built

E-ONE photo

fire truck being built

E-ONE photo

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Homer Township FPD news

This from Hunter Klinger:

New Homer Township Battalion 2017 Ford Expedition

Homer Township FPD Battalion Chief

From the CAMZ Communcations Facebook page

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