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West Dundee Fire Department & East Dundee and Countryside Fire Protection District news (more)

Excerpts from the

Two area fire departments are taking a positive step forward in their pursuit of a functional consolidation.

At Monday’s meeting, West Dundee trustees approved an intergovernmental agreement allowing the village to share the services of its fire prevention officer, Rick Paul, with the East Dundee and Countryside Fire Protection District. He will work three days a week in West Dundee and twice a week in East Dundee.

Per the agreement, he will remain an employee of West Dundee. The village will charge East Dundee $35 per hour to cover expenses such as insurance and vacation time. East Dundee will provide office space and a vehicle for the days Paul works in that village.

Paul served the Carpentersville Fire Department for more than 35 years will begin his new role Jan. 1.

The approval follows on the heels of an intergovernmental agreement reached in August which will have West Dundee Fire Chief Randy Freise taking the helm of both departments beginning Jan. 1.

“It is an effort to use our resources in the most cost-effective method while raising the bar for both departments,” he said. “West Dundee is offering the skills of an experienced fire inspector and East Dundee has some technological advances that would benefit West Dundee.”

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Hinsdale Fire Department news

This from Daniel Hynd:

I found this in the DuComm call log … a send off for Hinsdale Fire Chief Ronovsky

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 11-22-16

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Smoke and falling glass were reported in an extra-alarm fire at the Old Chicago Main Post Office building Tuesday morning that ultimately blocked the Eisenhower Expressway.  Fire officials reported a blaze on multiple floors at 404 W. Harrison St. .

This marks the second fire in as many years at the vacant building, which also caught fire in November 2014. That blaze was believed to have been caused by trains running under the structure.

The United States Postal Service vacated the building in 1997 for a newer facility.

From CFD Media:

Alert. A 2 11 alarm fire. fire on multiple floors of old post office. This is NOT a drill

2-11 on Harrison update, all companies working, secondary search underway. No injuries at this time. 4-1-11

2-11 update: all companies working making progress, ventilation underway. No injuries at this time.

2-11 on Harrison: Seat of fire being attacked progress being made, companies being rotated, No injuries at this time.

The 2 11 alarm for fire in the old post office has been struck o ,ut. The associated plan one has been secured. There are no injuries

smoke from old Post Office building in CHicago

CFD Media photo

smoke from old Post Office building in CHicago

CFD Media photo

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Crash in Buffalo Grove, 11-22-16

This from Larry Shapiro:

One patient was transported to the hospital after a two-car crash at Dundee and Buffalo Grove Roads in Buffalo Grove Tuesday night (11/22/16).

Firefighter/paramedics load crash victim onto a Stryker cot

Larry Shapiro photo

Firefighter/paramedics load crash victim onto a Stryker cot

Larry Shapiro photo[

heavy damage to car after a crash

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove fire trucks

Larry Shapiro photo

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