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9/11 Anniversary – stories

Excerpts from the

On Sept. 11, 2001, Lloyd Miller … watched the World Trade Center towers crumble and his future came into focus. Miller enrolled in classes to become a firefighter … and iIn 2005, he was sworn in as a Mount Prospect firefighter/paramedic.

Just as 9/11 propelled some men and women to join the military or police forces, that infamous day and the heroism shown by many at the scene inspired a new wave of interest in firefighting.

Elgin firefighter/paramedic Kanen Terry, who is one of those people. He was 18 on 9/11. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and spent two six-month tours of duty in the Persian Gulf. In the Navy, he says, “everyone’s a firefighter” and he learned a lot about chemical warfare and hazardous materials. That knowledge, plus a 9/11-fueled desire to help others, led him to become a firefighter in 2009.

For Christopher Clausen, Sept. 11 intensified a desire to serve others.  Clausen, a lieutenant with the Elgin Fire Department, became the first in his family to join the fire service.

For Des Plaines firefighter Kevin Murphy, 9/11 made him re-evaluate his life and consider a firefighting career.

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17th Greater Milwaukee Fire & Police Expo

This from Jason Bond:

Good Morning. Please find three pictures of apparatus from the muster yesterday. The weather was rainy but that didn’t dampen the nice time. I got to ride in that beautiful new PIERCE SABER. I think it’s nicer than some school buses I rode in in my life.
Thank You again.
Seagrave fire engine

2006 Seagrave Concord, Hales Corner Fire Department. Jason Bond photo

Piere Saber fire engine

2016 Pierce Saber for the Milwaukee Area Tech College training. Jason Bond photo

antique fire engine

1940 Chevrolet Darley. Jason Bond photo

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New engine for Lincolnwood

This from Bob Altwasser:

Here is a picture of Lincolnwood’s new Engine 15 from US Tanker

Bob Altwasser

Lincolnwood FD Engine 15

New Engine 15 for Lincolnwood. Bob Altwasser photo

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North Aurora Fire Department news

This from Christopher Holmes:

North Aurora is currently selling their Truck 502. Attached are some photos of it with decals.
North Aurora Fire Department

North Aurora FD 2001 Pierce Dash tower ladder for sale

  • 2001 Pierce Dash 100′ quint platform
  • Pierce Dash 2000 chassis
  • aluminum body
  • Cummins ISM 500 HP diesel engine
  • Allison HD4060PR transmission
  • Transmission retarder
  • Waterous CSUY 2000 GPM pump
  • 300-gallon polypropylene tank
  • 2 – 6000PSI breathing air bottles
  • engine hours: 3,479
  • Mileage: 24,859
North Aurora FD Truck 502

North Aurora FD Truck 502. Christopher Holmes photo

North Aurora FD Truck 502

Christopher Holmes photo

North Aurora FD Truck 502

Christopher Holmes photo

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