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Park Ridge increases ambulance fees

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The Park Ridge City Council on May 2 approved new ambulance fees for residents and nonresidents who use their services within the city’s boundaries. According to documents provided by the city, the resident rate for basic life support service will increase from $500 to $650, while the rate for advanced services will increase from $700 to $800.A higher level of advance life support will remain at $950 for residents, while the mileage charge of $15 per mile also will not increase.

The nonresident rate for basic life support will increase from $650 to $825, while forms of advanced life support service will increase by $25.

Patients with Medicare coverage will pay different rates, in accordance with fees that are published each year by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, the city’s ordinance on ambulance fees says.

Paul Lisowski, executive officer for the Park Ridge Fire Department, told the city council on April 25 that non-Medicare ambulance fees have not been raised since 2011. The increases were determined based on a survey of 107 suburban fire departments. Park Ridge’s new rates now hover around the average fees charged by these departments, the survey shows.

The fire department does not currently charge for treatment that does not result in transport to the hospital, Lisowski said.

Through an intergovernmental agreement with the Des Plaines Fire Department and North Maine Fire Protection District, residents of Park Ridge will still be charged resident rates even if they are treated in the city by paramedics from these other two communities, Lisowski’s memo to the City Council said.

But residents can be charged different rates if they receive mutual aid service from other neighboring departments, like Niles or Rosemont.

“We are currently in discussions with our other immediate neighboring fire departments to see if we can enter into an agreement with them as well,” he said. “If these discussions lead to any tentative agreements with any other departments, we will bring them to council for their approval.”

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MVI with motorcycle in Northbrook, 5-21-16

Northbrook firefighters responded to an accident Saturday afternoon (5/21/16) in the intersection of Dundee and Waukegan Roads for a collision between a car and a motorcycle. The motorcycle rider was thrown through the car’s windshield and was alert when he was transported to Lutheran General Hospital after being extricated.

firefighters extricate motorcycle rider from car windshield

Tim Olk photo

firefighters remove crash victim on backboard

Tim Olk photo

firefighters remove crash victim on backboard

Tim Olk photo

crash site with car and motorcycle

Tim Olk photo

motorcycle damaged during a crash

Tim Olk photo

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Buffalo Grove Fire Department news

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Buffalo Grove Fire Chief Mike Baker has successfully completed the process that awards him the professional re-designation of “Chief Fire Officer” (CFO).

The designation was given by the Commission on Professional Credentialing who met on May 10, 2016. Baker is one of only 1,146 CFO’s worldwide. Baker received his original CFO designation on June 4, 2013. To maintain it, individuals need to show they have continued to develop as a CFO in four areas: professional development, professional contributions, active association membership, and community involvement.

“We congratulate Chief Baker for his ongoing dedication to professional development,” said Village Manager Dane Bragg. “This re-designation signifies his commitment to his department, the village, and to the residents of Buffalo Grove.”

The Chief Fire Officer Designation program is voluntary and recognizes individuals who demonstrate excellence in seven measured components including experience, education, professional development, professional contributions, association membership, community involvement, and technical competencies.

A board of review consisting of members of the fire and emergency services profession, academia, and municipal agencies reviews each application and recommends successful candidates for designation to the commission.

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Naperville FD gets drone (more)

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[The Naperville Fire Department is] among the first to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for on-the-job use of unmanned aircraft systems, commonly known as drones. Information posted on the FAA’s website indicates the fire department is the first agency in Illinois to achieve certification and put a drone into use. The system was purchased last year for less than $2,000. The lengthy certification process included filing an application, registering the drone with the FAA, risk assessment, and FAA on-site approval.

Fire Division Chief Andy Dina said that sixteen fire department employees were trained by the Illinois State Police in drone operation. Firefighter Scott Howell is the department’s drone team coordinator. Five firefighters who also are licensed pilots will be the ones flying the drone during its missions while the other members of the team will act as observers, as mandated by FAA regulations.

Drones can be flown at an altitude of no more than 400 feet. If, during the drone’s flight, an observer sees a commercial airliner or a private plane in the area, the drone must be brought back to earth immediately. It can be re-launched once the larger aircraft is out of the immediate area.

“We follow the FAA rules to a T,” Dina said. That includes keeping the drone at least two miles away from local airports at all times, never flying it near or above crowds and respecting the privacy of Naperville’s citizens and business owners by not using it for surveillance purposes, he said.

The drone can be used in a variety of situations, including surveying storm damage, search and rescue operations and hazardous material emergencies, Dina said.

“We have had situations” in the Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve, near the central part of the city, where hikers, bicyclists and sportsmen have been injured or become disoriented “and are not sure of their locations,” Dina said. A drone could prove useful in finding someone in distress more quickly, he said.

Fire Chief Mark Puknaitis added firefighters sometimes encounter “challenging scenarios where it may be unsafe or impractical to send people into those situations, (and) we can use our drone to visually identify and evaluate the circumstances of the incident. We can then better mitigate the situation or its recovery,” he said.

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New tower ladder for Elmhurst (more)

This from Eric B:

Here is a picture of the new tower ladder that the Elmhurst FD took delivery of Friday (5/20/16). It is a 2016 E-One 95′ Cyclone II tower ladder, with a 1,500-gpm pump and 300-gallon tank. It should be in service the first part of June.

Elmhurst FD Truck 2

New tower ladder for the Elmhurst Fire Department. Eric B photo

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