This from Drew Gresik:

Hey guys,
I noticed you don’t have a photo of Ambulance 86 on the page for Engine 99. I got a nice shot you guys can use to fill that void.
Interesting thing to note, Engine 99’s quarters don’t have enough room for a newer F-Series ambulance, so, they have been running a late 90’s Ford E-350/McCoy Miller. For the last few years, they were using C995. It had all LED lights and a temporary number plate on the sides of the box. Within the last couple of weeks, they have received another late 90’s Ford E-350/McCoy Miller with shop number C955. This rig has all strobe lights and has “86” marked on the sides. Pretty cool to see an old rig still up front and quite busy too.
Drew Gresik
Chicago FD Ambulance 86

Chicago BLS Ambulance 86. Drew Gresik photo