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Zion native among Hotshots killed at Yarnell Fire


From the BrewCity Fools

A NOTICE TO ALL BROTHERS AND SISTER IN THIS AREA…Brothers and Sisters:As you know, 19 Prescott firefighters were killed in the line-of duty while battling the Yarnell Hill wildfire in Arizona. One of the deceased firefighters, Anthony Rose, had ties to Illinois and lived in the northern suburbs of Chicago for a couple years before moving to Arizona with his family. His remains are being returned to the Waukegan Regional Airport on Wednesday evening as Illinois will be his final resting place and services are planned for Thursday evening in Zion.

The IAFF has made a request to assemble an honor detail of uniformed personnel at the airport on Wednesday to honor Brother Rose’s service and sacrifice. We also encourage members to attend the services and fire department walk-through
on Thursday evening. Details about each are below.

Return of Brother Anthony Rose to Illinois:

Waukegan Regional Airport (map below)
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fire Department members arrive by 7:30pm

Plane arrival: 8:30pm
Please enter off of York House Road and go north on McAree Road to the Fire Service Entry Gate. There will be a staging officer at the gate to direct you.

Visitation/FD Walk-through for Brother Anthony Rose:

Congdon Funeral Home (Phone: 847 746-1234)
3012 Sheridan Rd
Zion, IL 60099

Thursday, July 11, 2013
Visitation: 5-9 pm
Fire Department line-up: 6:30pm
Fire Department walk through: 7:00 pm

Waukegan Regional Airport
3550 N McAree Rd, Waukegan, IL

Congdon Funeral Home Website

Chicago Sun Times Article about Tony Rose

From the Office of the Illinois Fire Marshal (Facebook)

Firefighter Anthony Rose of the Prescott Fire Department was one of nineteen Firefighters who died in the Line of Duty on June 30, 2013 while battling the Yarnell Hill wildfire in Arizona. The family of Firefighter Rose lives in Beach Park, Illinois and as such he is returning home to Illinois as his final resting place.

The remains of Firefighter Rose (along with his Fiancée escorting him) will arrive at Waukegan Regional Airport on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 20:30 hours. Fire department personnel who wish to take part in the honor detail should be at the airport by 19:30 hours. Enter off of York House Road and go north on McAree Road to the Fire Service Entry Gate. There will be a staging officer at the gate to direct you.

Visitation and services will be Thursday, July 11, 2013 at the Congdon Funeral Home, 3012 Sheridan Road, Zion, Illinois from 17:00 to 21:00 hours. A formal fire department walk-thru will be at 19:00 hours. Fire department personnel will be lined up outside the funeral home by 18:30 hours where there will be a number of staging officers on site.

If you have any questions, please contact Chief Paul Tierney, Beach Park Fire Department, at 847-662-2642, Chief Joe Holomy, IFCA Funeral Committee, at 217-821-9877 (cell), or Jeff Bruno, AFFI Honor Guard, 815-573-1649 (cell).

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2nd Alarm house fire in South Barrington 7-9-13

Barrington firefighters were assisted by several departments this afternoon at 4 Terra Vita Court in South Barrington.

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Barrington 2nd Alarm Structure Fire at 4 Terra Vita Court in South Barrington

large house burns in South Barrington

Tyler Tobolt photo

large house burns in South Barrington

Tyler Tobolt photo

large house burns in South Barrington

Tyler Tobolt photo

large house burns in South Barrington

Tyler Tobolt photo

large house burns in South Barrington

Tyler Tobolt photo

large house burns in South Barrington

Tyler Tobolt photo

large house burns in South Barrington

Tyler Tobolt photo

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Chicago Fire Department dive response

From a reader:

Was biking on the lakefront and followed Squad 1 and the reserve 1A down the bike path to a dive response at Hollywood and LSD. Thought I heard the squad get released pretty quick over one of the guys' portables. Here's a few shots of the rigs there.


Chicago lifeguard in row boat

Lifeguard in a row boat on the lake.

Chicago Fire Department dive team

5-1-5 and 6-8-7 at the scene.

Chicago Fire Department boat

CFD 6-8-8 responding to the dive incident.

Chicago Fire Department Truck 47

CFD Truck 47 at the scene.

Chicago FIre Department Engine 59

Engine 59 and Truck 47 at the scene.

Chicago Fire Department Snorkel Squad

Squad 1A with a reserve piece.

Chicago Fire Department Squad 1

Squad 1 and 1A (with a spare).

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Milwaukee 911 dispatch center fire

This from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A small smoke electrical fire in a power closet located at the ground level of the Milwaukee County Courthouse has caused a power failure to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s communications center.

The communications center is running on back-up power. All 911 calls are being transferred to the Waukesha County Sheriff’s communications center where Milwaukee dispatchers have also been reassigned.

The Milwaukee County Courthouse and Public Safety Building will be closed Monday and Tuesday, after a fire Saturday knocked out power, caused more than a half-million dollars in damage and forced county dispatchers to move to Waukesha County to field 911 calls.

The fire began at 12:30 p.m. Saturday in a large basement utility room with numerous electrical systems inside. Fire officials estimated the cost of the damage to the building at $368,000, and the property damage inside was estimated at $150,000.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office has been operating under its emergency plan, with dispatchers fielding 911 calls from the Waukesha County communications center, Capt. Scott Stiff said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long the county’s emergency calls would have to be dispatched out of Waukesha County. Abele said public safety has not been compromised, and that there has been no drop in 911 service.

Investigators have determined it was an accidental fire, Milwaukee Deputy Fire Chief Aaron Lipski said Sunday, and an electrical fire of this scope can pose problems for firefighters.

The electrical system failed and caused power to fail for a large area of downtown, including the responding fire station, which had a generator to power its garage doors so crews could respond within several minutes, he said.

We Energies arrived to help. The courthouse has backup generators, but those, too, had to be shut down while firefighters worked.

“(The generators) will kill us just the same as regular power,” Lipski said.

The bunker-like nature of the room where the fire started helped prevent the flames from spreading quickly, but it also meant firefighters had poor access to the room and ventilation. Crews used dry chemicals and carbon dioxide extinguishers and had the flames under control by 2:12 p.m.

The jail portion of the courthouse complex was secure the entire time, Lipski said. Crews worked with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, Milwaukee Police Department and We Energies to make sure no one was inside near the fire and other smoke-filled rooms.

“What is different about that building, even though it was on a Saturday, is the potential for a prisoner to be in that building who cannot self-evacuate. It raises the concern level quite a bit,” Lipski said.

The last firefighters left the courthouse shortly after 4 p.m. Lipski said he did not recall the last time such a large fire occurred at the courthouse.

Thanks Chris

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A visit to Engine 53’s old house

This from Tyler Tobolt:

 here is a photo of the old CFD Engine 53 house on Packer

Old Chicago fire station

Vacant former quarters of CFD Engine 53. Tyler Tobolt photo

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