Tim Olk submitted several images from the fire on Tuesday. Tim’s images show the earliest on-scene images as compared to the other contributors.


Chicago fire engine with ice

Chicago Engine 8 from Chinatown covered with ice. Tim Olk photo

firefighter with ice covered helmet

A firefighter coated with ice from the spray of the master streams. Tim Olk photo

Chicago fire engine at massive fire

Chicago Engine 47 pumping at the scene of the 5-11 Alarm warehouse fire. Tim Olk photo

fire chief at massive fire

A battalion chief surveys the fire from the turntable of Truck 18. Tim Olk photo

silhouette of firefighter

Silhouette of a firefighter on Truck 18’s ladder. Tim Olk photo

firefighter on ladder with fire

A line is taken to the roof of an adjacent building. Tim Olk photo

Pierce ladder truck at fire scene

Truck 18 on the Ashland Avenue overpass is setup to an exposure building. Tim Olk photo

fire department tower ladder at fire sene

Tower Ladder 39 surrounded by flying embers hits the fire with a master stream. Tim Olk photo

massive fire in warehouse at night

Phenomenal fire fully involving the entire structure. TIm Olk photo

Tim has a gallery with substantially more images.

Additionally, there are several images taken today (Wednesday) as companies remain on the scene.

Chicago Fire Department Snorkel

Chicago reserve Snorkel on Ashland Avenue in front of the ice covered ruins of the 5-11 Alarm fire. Tim Olk photo

ruins of massive warehouse fire in Chicago

A tower ladder works at the ruins of the 5-11 alarm fire. Tim Olk photo

ruins of massive warehouse fire in Chicago

Another tower ladder working the day after the fire was detected. Tim Olk photo

There is a separate gallery with follow-up images.