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Barrington Box Alarm 1-8-13 (part 3)

Images from the Barrington Box Alarm from Larry Shapiro.

fire water tanker dumps water

Wauconda and East Dundee tankers fill the portable tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

fire scene with water shuttle

The water supply officer manages the tankers dumping into the portable tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

barn fire in Barrington Hills

Forest Preserve sign for the property. Larry Shapiro photo

many fire engines staged at fire scene

Many fire engines line Penny Road as firefighters finish up at the scene. Larry Shapiro photo

Barrington fire engine with lots of hose off

Firefighters begin to reload multiple lengths of hose onto the engine. Larry Shapiro photo

firefighters working with hose line

Carpentersville firefighters work a line. Larry Shapiro photo

barn fire in Barrington Hills

Firefighters douse the smoldering ruins with Class A foam. Larry Shapiro photo

barn fire in Barrington Hills

White smoke shows the location of the former barn. Larry Shapiro photo

fire engine drafting from portable tank

Barrington engine drafting from the portable dump tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

Arlington Heights Ambulance 1

Arlington Heights’ new Ambulance 1. Larry Shapiro photo

HME chassis water tankers

Two large water tankers on custom HME chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

More images are available to view HERE.

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Barrington Box Alarm 1-8-13 (part 2)

From Scott Peterson

photos of apparatus that I got in staging or lined up as companies were working and shots from the scene
Algonquin-Lake in the Hills fire engine

Algonquin-Lake in the Hills engine. Scott Peterson photo

water tanker shuttle at barn fire

Staged units upon arrival. Scott Peterson photo

Barrington fire engine working

Barrington Engine 2 with several lines off. Scott Peterson photo

Barrington FD water tanker

Barrington’s tanker.  Scott Peterson photo

water tanker shuttle at fire scene

Long Grove’s tanker dumps while East Dundee’s tanker heads back to the fill site. Scott Peterson photo

water tanker shuttle at fire scene

Long Grove’s tanker dumps water. Scott Peterson photo

smoldering remains of a barn fire

Smoldering remains of the barn. Scott Peterson photo

water tanker shuttle at fire scene

Nunda’s tanker dumping. Scott Peterson photo

Carpentersville fire engine

Carpentersville engine. Scott Peterson photo

East Dundee FPD water tanker HME

East Dundee’s tanker. Scott Peterson photo

Long Grove FPD water tanker

Long Grove tanker. Scott Peterson photo

Palatine Fire Department

Palatine quint. Scott Peterson photo

Wauconda Fire District water tanker

Wauconda tanker. Scott Peterson photo

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New engine for Lake Zurich

From the Pierce Flickr site

new engine for the Lake Zurich Fire Department

Pierce composite

thanks Al


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2012 Firefighter Fatality Statistics

US Fire Administration Releases 2012 Firefighter Fatality Statistics


USFA Press Office: (301) 447-1853

EMMITSBURG, Md. – The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) announced [Monday] a provisional total of 83 on-duty firefighter fatalities in the United States as a result of incidents that occurred in 2012, the same number of firefighter losses as in 2011.

View the provisional report »

The 83 fatalities were spread across 34 states. Pennsylvania and North Carolina experienced the highest number of fatalities with nine firefighter deaths each. New York had six firefighter deaths, including the most recent tragic shooting deaths of two firefighters in Webster. California and Texas, each with five firefighter deaths, were the only other states with five or more firefighter fatalities in 2012.

Heart attacks or stroke were responsible for the deaths of 41 firefighters (49%) in 2012. This single year total is a near average proportion of firefighter deaths from heart attack or stroke over recent years. This nature of fatal injury has remained relatively constant, while others, on average, have been reduced during the past decade.

Eleven on-duty firefighters died in association with wildland fires, the same as 2011 and 2010.

The single cause of injury seeing more than a four-fold increase in firefighter deaths during 2012 was vehicle collisions (including aircraft), with 18 deaths.

These 2012 firefighter fatality statistics are provisional and will likely change somewhat as the USFA contacts state fire marshals to verify the names of firefighters reported to have died on duty during 2012. The final number of firefighter fatalities will be reported in USFA’s annual firefighter fatality report, expected to be available by July.

For additional information on firefighter fatalities, including the annual fatality reports from 1986 through 2011 and the Firefighter Fatality Retrospective Study 1990–2000, please visit the USFA website.

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