Bill Friedrich has submitted images of some older apparatus that has been assigned to Engine 77 in the past

Chicago Engien 77 1953 FWD

Engine 77 shown here running with a 1953 FWD (X-Engine 97). This unit had a 1,000-GPM pump and no water. This photo was taken after the ladder rack had been removed. Bill Friedrich collection

Bill notes that:

Obviously a spare, the company saved the shops time by putting their own numbers on the rig. This FWD is the former combination Engine 97 after the ladder rack was removed.  Note the apartment building just to the north of the station.

Chicago Engine 77 1970 Ford C8000 Ward LaFrance engine

Engine 77 had this 1970 Ward LaFrance engine on a Ford C8000 chassis. It carried 500 gallons of water and had a 1,000-GPM pump. Bill Friedrich photo