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New engine for McHenry Township


McHenry Township Fire Protection District just picked up a new engine from Pierce a few days ago.  Its a Pierce Impel with a 1500/1000 configuration.  The only differences between this and the previous two newest engines are that this one is approximately 10 inches shorter and as such has two less seats in the cab which have been replaced with a large tester/EMS cabinet.  This engine will be numbered 1241 in accordance with county numbering which was never followed before and will replace Engine 1210 out of Station 1.  The current Engine 10 will move to Station 4 and will be renumbered, though not sure as to what.

Sorry for the pictures as I only had my iphone when I had the chance to take them.
McHenry Township FPD new Pierce Impel engine

McHenry Township recently took delivery of this Pierce Impel 1500/1000 engine. Photo by Bob

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Chicago Train Derailment 9-2-12

Tim Olk responded to a train derailment on Chicago’s south side Sunday morning.

train derailment in Chicago

Tim Olk photo

The Chicago Tribune wrote the following:

The train derailed on the city’s Southwest Side early Sunday morning, leaving many without power but nobody injured, according to Chicago police.

Police said the derailment happened near Rockwell and 83rd streets. One train ran into another that wasn’t moving and the collision resulted in a derailment on an adjacent track, according to a CSX spokesman.

The complete Chicago Tribune article is  HERE.

train derailment in Chicago

Tim Olk photo

train derails in Chicago

Tim Olk photo

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