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New ambulance for Lombard

This from D. Herndobler:

A co-worker of mine sent me a picture of the new medic unit from Lombard, Medic 64 at Station 1 in the process of having the decals applied. Word has it that it will be in service in 3-4 weeks. Equipment has to be ordered and it will have to be inspected by IDPH still. It is a 2012 Ford F450. The picture was provided Brad Delatorre from Lombard FD.

new ambulance for the Lombard Fire Department

New Medic unit for Lombard Medic 64. Brad Delatorre photo

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Chicago Engine 77 – some final history (part 5)

… and after being torn down

  • E77 on September 9, 2012. Demo complete, views from both north and south. Notice condition of the house to the south at 1226 S. Komensky. House has been rehabbed and is currently occupied. Almost 90 year old firehouse to the north is gone.
  • E77 is one of the last of it’s kind. The last single engine house was built in the early 50’s (E113- the ‘next company over” from 77). There are only a handful of single company firehouses in Chicago anymore, let alone single company houses with the history of actvity E77 saw during it’s heyday. For awhile, it had a reputation as a punishment house, on the outskirts of the city, where department brass “bansihed” firemen it disliked. But with many firehouses like it, Engine 77 consistently turned out experienced, seasoned firefighters that were promoted out of the house to pass on the lessons they learned.
  • E77 on 10/24/07
demolition of Chicago Fire Department Engine 77's house

Dan McInerney photo

demolition of Chicago Fire Department Engine 77's house

Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department abandoned firehouse

Dan McInerney photo

Journal 1 shows the company journal entry when me grandfather retired (mandatory after 35 years apparently).

Chicago Fire Department Engine 77 journal

Dan McInerney photo

The other journal entry shows the company member information page. Notice there are only 2 company officers and engineers. This was back in the days of the two-platoon system. The info pages also list the dates of birth, entry into CFD and the date the member was assigned to the company.
Chicago Fire Department Engine 77 journal

Dan McInerney photo

In this case, my grandfather John J. McInerney was transferred to E77 as an Engineer on March 16, 1935. He started out as a fireman at E103 when they were on Harrison Street in 1917. In the center of the picture it lists his date of birth as 8/15/1889. Next to the on the right, his “Former Occ” on the top right of the page it lists his former occupation as a Locomotive Fireman. Next to that, it lists his native country as “US”, followed by his badge number. The following page goes on to list his date of entry into the CFD (7/22/17), address and phone number. In his case, he lived at 1509 N. Luna, and his telephone number was Merrimac7-2510. This information about members was kept in company journals for many, many years.

My father, Donald McInerney, as a young boy used to visit his father at the firehouse. He used to call his dad “ball driver”. Shortly after John J. was promoted to Engineer, E77 had an Ahrens-Fox pumper assigned to it, and it had the distinctive chrome shpere on the front, hence the name “ball driver”.


Family lore has it that my grandfather met his future wife one day at E103’s firehouse. She saw him going down the street on an alarm, and came by the firehuose afterwards to complain that she didn’t like the way he was treating the horses.


E77’s last company patch. I’ll leave it to the viewers to report how they got the phrase “I Like It Here”


Chicago Fire Department Engine 77's company patch

Dan McInerney collection

I posted many more pics on my facebook page “”. If blog viewers wish, they can go there and view pics from E77’s last day in service as well as other fire pics I have uploaded to my facebook page.

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New ambulance for Carpentersville

Martin Nowak spotted a new ambulance on a Freightliner Business Class chassis for Carpentersville on the Foster Coach website.

Carpentersville Fire Department ambulance

Foster Coach photo

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