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Lincolnwood has new Pierce tower ladder

The new Pierce tower ladder for Tower 15 in Lincolnwood is being outfitted to go into service with a target date of April 1. As mentioned in several previous comments, the Lincolnwood house is currently overflowing with apparatus. One of the three ambulances has been relegated to sit outside and Engine 15R is being stored at the public works facility while the new Tower 15 and the current Truck 15 consume space in the apparatus bays. The disposition of the 1989 Pierce Arrow 105′ rear mount is unclear.

Larry Shapiro stopped by Lincolnwood on Saturday and took photos of the new tower ladder.

Lincolnwood Fire Department 2011 Pierce Arrow XT tower ladder Tower 15

Lincolnwood Tower 15 is a 2011 Pierce Arrow XT 100' tower ladder with a 2,000-GPM pump and a 300-gallon water tank. There is also a foam tank, the capacity of which is not known. This unit carries Pierce job# 23700. Larry Shapiro photo

Lincolnwood Fire Department Truck 15 Pierce Arrow ladder

Truck 15 presumably worked its last fire on the 14th of February at a 2-11 in Lincolnwood.

Lincolnwood Fire Department Truck 15

Lincolnwood Truck 15 was put to work on February 14, 2011 at a 2-11 Alarm fire on St. Louis. Larry Shapiro photo

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New CFD units in service

Gordon J. Nord, Jr. took advantage of Saturday’s nice weather to get photos of the new Crimson aerial for Truck 31 (shop #E338) and the new Oshkosh Striker for 6-5-1 at Midway Airport.

Chicago Fire Department Truck 31

Chicago Truck 31 recently took delivery of their new 2010 Spartan Gladiator/Crimson 103' aerial. Gordon J. Nord, Jr. photo

Chicago Fire Department ARFF 6-5-1

6-5-1 at Midway Airport received one of the new 2010 Oshkosh Striker 3000 units that was delivered recently to the city. 6-5-1 is equipped with a Snozzle telescoping waterway with a piercing nozzle. Gordon J. Nord, Jr. photo

Chicago Fire Department Midway Airport ARFF 651 6-5-1 Oshkosh

The new Striker 3000 is replacing this 2000 TI-3000 unit that was also equipped with a Snozzle.

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