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Where are they now … Highland Park

From Jeff Rudolph:

Highland Park,IL Squad 34, Now Poseyville,IN. Jeff R


Saulsbury medium-duty rescue squad

Former Highland Park Squad 33. Jeff Rudolph photo

Saulsbury medium-duty rescue squad

The former Highland Park squad is now Poseyville Fire Department Rescue 2. Frank Wegloski photo

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Where are they now … Homewood

Dennis McGuire, Jr. informs us that Homewood Squad 546 was sold to the Auburn Fire Department in New York state.


Auburn Fire Department Heavy Rescue Squad

The Auburn Fire Department in New York state now owns this X-Homewood, IL 1989 Pemfab T-942/3D heavy rescue unit. Auburn Fire Department photo

Homewood Fire Department heavy rescue squad

Homewood Fire Department Pemfab squad

Homewood Squad 546 shown as it was originally painted when it was delivered in 1989. Larry Shapiro photo


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