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To our community,

As many in our community are aware, The Limestone Township Fire Protection District has struggled over the last several years to maintain an adequate number of qualified staff due to financial constraints. LTFPD has made several attempts to improve our fiscal situation, including the liquidation of a brush/rescue truck, a utility vehicle, a fire engine, reductions and eliminations in tuition reimbursement for essential classes, a reduction in minimum staffing from three personnel to two, a suspension of all salary raises, and a referendum attempt in March which failed. These attempts, however, have fallen short and have left the Fire District unable to continue to provide emergency services at the level we have done in the past. Therefore, it is with deep disappointment that the Limestone Township Fire Protection District formally announces that the community’s one fire station, located at 4948 W. Rt. 17, will be closed and unstaffed every Saturday and Sunday beginning November 7th, 2020, should the referendum attempt on November 3rd, 2020 fail. This closing will allow the District to maintain our already decreased level of staffing during the weekdays, however, additional closed days may be required in the future to meet the ever-growing financial burden placed on the District by unfunded State mandates and the State’s unprecedented new minimum wage requirements.

We ask that our community be understanding to the fact that this closing will dramatically increase response times for calls that occur on the weekends. The District will do its best to respond to these calls in a timely fashion so long as volunteer members are able to respond from home. In the event that sufficient volunteer members do not respond, residents will be forced to wait for units from other jurisdictions to respond if available.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Chief Whalen or Deputy Chief Bruno at (815) 932-4664.


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