Excerpts from nbcchicago.com:

Hurricane Ian made landfall on Florida’s west coast Wednesday afternoon, turning streets into rivers, flooding building and homes, and leaving a destructive path in its wake. 

In Naples, one of the hardest-hit areas by the Category 4 storm, the storm surge inundated a fire station, partly submerging fire trucks in several feet of water.

After leading a number of residents out of high water earlier Wednesday, firefighters with the Naples Fire-Rescue Department had to make one final rescue — their own. A video shows firefighters making a last ditch effort to save equipment from the rising flood waters. At one point, the fire chief notes that one of the trucks started smoking and had it moved outside the station so that it wouldn’t burn down the building should it catch on fire. They waded through nearly 4 feet of water to remove equipment and items from inside the trucks. The station lost several vehicles due to the storm.

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