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Phoenix FD engine for sale

Phoenix, Illinois selling a engine. 

This was posted on their Facebook page; #Spartan; #EONE; #FireTruck; #forsale;
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New tower on order for the Kankakee Fire Department

Excerpts from the

The Kankakee City Council unanimously approved the $2.3-million purchase of a Pierce 100′ aerial for the Kankakee Fire Department. It will replace a 1998 truck. The city will likely not take delivery for three to four years.

The council’s budget committee is expected to settle on its payment option at Monday’s committee meeting. A perk for paying for the truck out of cash reserves is that a pre-payment option would earn the city about a $200,000 discount, reducing the vehicle’s cost to $2.1 million.

Whatever the payment mode, there is no question the price is high. The fire department had anticipated receiving at least two bids for the truck, but Pierce was the only company to bid. The expected bidding was in the $2-million range.

The chief said the current 1998 truck is simply nearing the end of its useful life. For the past 10 or so years, costly maintenance has been needed to keep the ladder truck certified and there is fear the truck will soon be impossible to keep in service, as needed parts are becoming far more scarce due to the truck’s age.  Testing for the truck’s pump and ladder continually becomes more difficult to pass.

The city’s 50-member fire department also has two pumpers; a refurbished 2005 and a 2022.

Once the new ladder truck arrives, the thought is the existing truck would be kept in service as a reserve truck. Its fate once it becomes decertified is not known at this point. 

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