Dear sir,

I am Hyunkie Je, 66 years old, living in Daejeon City of Korea.

I am looking for Mr. David Pae, 37 years old, who works for Chicago Fire Department.

Frankly speaking, I am looking for his father, James B Pae. 

I am one of friends of James. 

And I have been there, Chicago on Dec of 1992 and met all of his family members. 

We, James and me, have communicated until before the wedding of Joyce, (his daughter, sister of David) about 2 years ago.

All of phone nos, I have, are not working, I have tried many times but not in service. maybe changed.

Would you please help me, to give this mail to David, that I am searching for any news & new phone no of James Pae ?

I would like to get in touch with him and visit Chicago again to meet James, as soon as I could get any contact point of him, before too late. 

As you know, we are old enough to look around our old memory. 

Yours faithfully,

Hyunkie Je

Right, with Red, is Me.

from Joyce’s Wedding, sister of David (2nd from Left). James (Dad of David, 3rd from Left)