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Plainfield FPD news

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Eighteen horses died when a barn caught fire in Plainfield early Wednesday.

Crews from the Plainfield Fire Protection District arrived at 1120 Wheeler Road around 1:15 a.m. and saw people trying to save horses from the burning barn, that was well involved according to Deputy Fire Chief Jon Stratton.  There were 30 horses in the barn and 18 of them died. There were no hydrants in the area. The fire was struck out about 1:45 a.m. 

A dozen horses were saved and were in good condition. Another horse was outside the barn when the fire started and survived. A veterinarian arrived at the scene promptly to treat the horses and gave some of them sedatives to calm them.

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Pierce Manufacturing hit with class action lawsuit (more)

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Several Illinois cities are banding together to pursue legal action after, they claim, a fire equipment maker stiffed them on warranty repairs.

Bloomington and Normal are among seven cities considering an alliance to pursue any and all legal remedies against Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wis.

Of Normal’s five fire engines and two ladder trucks, six have corroded chassis, including two so badly damaged that they’re out of service. Repairs are estimated at $90,000 per vehicle, which the town wants Pierce to pay for under a 50-year warranty on each chassis offered by the company.

“It is our understanding … that Pierce has been denying similar claims, asserting that the apparatus were not properly washed, considering the salt that is present on our roadways during the winter,” according to the memo. “Our fire department washes each fire apparatus every day.”

In response, the town staff has requested it enter into an agreement with Bloomington, Champaign, Charleston, Decatur, Ottawa and Peoria to fight back. The City Council will consider that agreement when it meets today.


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3-11 Alarm fire and EMS Plan I, 7-5-17

A 3-11 Alarm fire with an EMS Plan 1 this morning at 1833 N. Kimball Avenue in Chicago (7/5/17)

From the CFD Media on Twitter:

  • 3-11 alarm 1833 N Kimball will multiple exposure issues
  • 3 11 alarm and ems plan 1 1800 block north kimball
  • The 311 is for additional manpower to allow crews to be rotated due to heat. Main body if fire is controlled. EMS plan is precautionary.
  • Update on 3-11 on 1800 N. Kimball; 3 injuries – 1 civilian critical & 2 Firefighters heat related; all to Saint Mary; also 2 refusals.
  • One Civilian injury on 311 Serious condition to saint mary
  • 1800 block of North Kimball update: one additional Firefighter transported (heat related) to Illinois Masonic.
  • 3-11 update on 1800 N. Kimball; Civilian originally transported to Saint Mary in critical being transferred to Stroger.
3-11 Alarm fire in Chicago 7-5-17

Chicago Fire Department Media photo

3-11 Alarm fire in Chicago 7-5-17

Chicago Fire Department Media photo

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As seen around … Darien

This from Jeff Braun, Jr.;

Here are some photos from the 4th of July Parade in Darien (held on Cass Avenue and 75th Street). The following vehicles were at the parade: Lisle Woodridge Engine 52, Darien Woodridge Medic 89 and Ladder 89, and Tri-State Engine 511, Tower Ladder 529, and Battalion 121. Thanks. -Jeff Braun Jr. (COUNTY-WIDE FIRE PHOTOGRAPHY) 

Lisle-Woodridge FPD Engine 52

Jeff Braun, Jr. photo

Darien-Woodridge FPD Medic 89

Jeff Braun, Jr. photo

Darien-Woodridge FPD Ladder 89

Jeff Braun, Jr. photo

Tri-State FPD Engine 511

Jeff Braun, Jr. photo

Tri-State FPD Tower Ladder 529

Jeff Braun, Jr. photo

Tri-State FPD Battalion 121

Jeff Braun, Jr. photo

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