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New contract for Downers Grove

The Chicago Tribune has an article about a new contract for firefighters in Downers Grove:

Downers Grove’s firefighters are set to receive salary bumps in each of the next three years, according to the terms of a new contract.

Village council members voted 5-1 on Aug. 5 to approve the agreement, which stipulates base salary raises of 3 percent this year, 2 percent in 2015, and 1 percent in 2016.

The firefighters’ union ratified the contract on July 24 by an overwhelming majority, according to union President Rob Pekelder. The union represents 70 full-time firefighters, paramedics, engineers, lieutenants, captains and the director of emergency medical services.

The percentage increases apply across the same experience levels. For example, a starting firefighter/paramedic will receive a salary of $65,701, a 3 percent increase from last year’s pay of $63,787. That rate will increase to $67,685 in 2016, according to contract documents. But actual percentage increases for employees will be significantly higher as they progress through steps in accordance with their years of service. There are seven steps, for those hired after May 1, 2011. So a firefighter/paramedic with two years of experience, for example, will be paid $73,439 this year and $79,196 in 2015, a 7.8 percent raise. A firefighter now with four years experience with the village, for example, will earn $81,717 this year, up from $79,337. A firefighter/paramedic with four years of service will earn $86,621 up from $84,098.

All union members who reach the end of the set salary ranges will be eligible for one-time bonuses between $750 and $1,500 during the life of the contract, depending on their level of experience. Union members are prohibited from endorsing or participating in any type of strike, the contract states.

Commissioner Bob Barnett, who voted no … refused to endorse this contract, mirroring his opposition to other collective bargaining agreements for police officers, emergency dispatchers and public works employees over the past two years. “Once again, we’ve put into our contract conditions that commit our residents to pay for pay increases with no recourse if the economy tanks,” Barnett said. “Basically our only way out of this would be to fire people.”

The contract is backdated to May, so the 3 percent raise union members would have received over the past three months will provided in lump sums in an upcoming paycheck, Baker said. Subsequent raises will go into effect in May of each year.

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New engine for Hoffman Estates

This from Mark Sissulak:

I was driving past station 22 on Monday and saw a new engine in quarters.  I found this on Ferrara’s website
Not sure when it was delivered but it looks to be in service
Ferrara fire engine

Ferrara photo

Ferrara fire engine

New fire engine for Hoffman Estates, IL. Ferrara photo

H-5406 Hoffman Estates, IL

Type: Custom Rescue Pumper
Chassis: Igniter Custom Chassis
Body: Stainless steel
Pump: Hale – QMAX-XS 1000-2250 GPM
Tank: 500 gallon water

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Area ambulance deliveries

From the Foster Coach Facebook page:

Horton Type I ambulance

Maple Park FPD. Foster Coach photo

Horton Type I ambulance

Maple Park FPD. Foster Coach photo

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page

ambulance photo

New Wheeled Coach unit for Aurora Medic 8. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Aurora ambulance photo

Fire Service Inc. photoAu

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