This from Larry Shapiro:

Late Sunday night, I took in a basement fire in Glencoe during the same weather conditions that Steve and Dan encountered at the 2-11 in Chicago. Companies made an aggressive interior attack and stopped the fire quickly. The house at 1201 Longmeadow Drive was on a narrow, dead-end street that faced a golf course. The wind was blowing from the golf course making the street even narrower with snow drifts.

There’s not much to see here, but I thought the weather conditions were really the item of interest at this one … i was glad to get back in my car to head home.

Pierce Impel fire engine at night in the snow

Northbrook Engine 11 was at the corner. Larry Shapiro photo

firemen acting as a RIT

Northfield firefighters standby with the RIT assignment. Larry Shapiro photo

fire engine at night obscured by blowing snow

The wind whips across the street. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce Impel fire engine at night in the snow

Another view of the Northbrook engine. Larry Shapiro photo

fireman walking on street with snow drifts

The snow drifts are making the street even narrower. Larry Shapiro photo