A reader sent this link to an article about FDNY Rescue 4 making an appearance Tuesday at the Northwestern University football practice field.

The article is from ESPN Chicago:

The rig had been boarded by eight New York City firefighters from the FDNY Rescue 4 unit on Sept. 11, 2001, and all eight died that day while trying to save people at the World Trade Center. The truck withstood damages and was the only operating rescue rig during the days following 9/11.

On Tuesday, the truck rolled up onto Northwestern’s practice field as a kickoff point for the Remembrance Rescue Project. Headed by Skokie firefighter Chris Gantz and other Chicago-area firefighters, the Remembrance Rescue Project is a non-profit organization that uses the historic rig as an educational tool to teach children about 9/11 and raises money for children of fallen firefighters.

The truck will also be present at Northwestern’s home opener against Eastern Illinois on Saturday.