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9/11 anniversary ceremony in Chicago

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Streamwood Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

Streamwood officials may soon undertake a plan to replace the village’s 47-year-old Fire Station 1 and similarly outdated public works headquarters with new facilities by spring 2021. The need to replace these buildings was identified by a comprehensive study of all the village’s infrastructure a few years ago. Both projects are planned to be done simultaneously and funded by an estimated $20 million bond issue, which the village board might authorize near the end of the year. Because the village will pay off its existing debt this fall from the police station that opened in 2007, the net impact on taxpayers from the new bonds is expected to be nothing.

The new bonds are expected to be paid off in 20 years.

The current Fire Station 1 at 1204 S. Park Ave. is planned to be demolished and replaced by the new, larger building on the same site. It will also become the new location for the fire department’s administrative offices currently housed at Station 3.

All three fire stations have inadequate space for storage and the decontamination of equipment, but additional space is expected to be made at the other two stations that opened in 1992 and 2002 by relocating some of their operations to the new station.

Like many newer fire stations, Streamwood’s proposed facility is designed with individual bedrooms and bathrooms, which in part help adapt to the changing percentages of male and female firefighters.

The short-term impact of housing personnel and equipment in two stations instead of three is expected to be challenging but manageable. Another unavoidable impact will be to the response times in the area primarily served by Station 1, but Streamwood’s other stations will be closer to that area than the next nearest fire station in Bartlett.

drawing of new stream wood fire station

A rendering of the new Fire Station 1 Streamwood officials hope to open in 2021 to replace the current 47-year-old facility at 1204 S. Park Ave.

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2-Alarm fire in Griffith, IN 9-7-19 (more)

More photos from Tim Olk at the 2-Alarm fire in Griffith, IN 9-7-19

yellow Pierce fire engine

Tim Olk photo

2-Alarm fire in Griffith IN 9/7/19

Tim Olk photo

2-Alarm fire in Griffith IN 9/7/19

Tim Olk photo

Griffith fire engine

Tim Olk photo

2-Alarm fire in Griffith IN 9/7/19

Tim Olk photo

2-Alarm fire in Griffith IN 9/7/19

Tim Olk photo

2-Alarm fire in Griffith IN 9/7/19

Tim Olk photo

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Reflections about 9/11/01

This from John Tobin:

Rather than work on something I should be doing, I chose to do this instead … drats.

Wondering how Elgin, IL could be attached somehow to the September 11th attacks in New York? Attached is a post from another site. It tells the story of four Elgin firefighters (three now retired) and their trip to the East Coast on a mission to deliver a new fire truck. The truck that was built for the FDNY was almost ready to be delivered when the attacks occurred.

Along for the ride, were many very specially made cards of sympathy and concern from some very young (and some older too) citizens of Elgin.

When we were ready to leave Elgin for New York, the entire front of the cab was filled, not only with the cards, but posters and food items for the trip. It’s not too often that you get to see something like this and I will never forget it. I’ve never seen Elgin this united. On the way home after dropping the truck off, we stopped and posted them for all to see.

Read on:

Interesting comments on replacement vehicles for FDNY after 911-01.

There was an order for multiple aerials at Seagrave (SFA) that was trickling out of the factory in Wisconsin during that time frame. One of the most dedicated employees at SFA at that time was Glenn Bennett, a delivery driver with a huge heart. He delivered an aerial just before the attacks and was stranded there. As we all know, the airlines had been shut down.

I called him wondering what was up. He mentioned that he couldn’t get back and, for multiple reasons, SFA was having trouble getting a driver to bring the next aerial out. He said he was at the FDNY shops working on cleaning up rigs, helping install windshields and such to try and get rigs back in service. I immediately called SFA, and since I had driven rigs for them over the years, the dispatcher took me up on my offer … going out with a chase vehicle and three other firefighters from home. The truck was going to be ready on Saturday by noon. What started out as an urgent need to get the rig delivered, turned into a media goodwill tour of sorts to which many at SFA didn’t embrace. I was in trouble for a long time.

After getting the truck to IL late that evening, we set out for NY and drove straight thru. A dilemma was brewing, as the guys wanted to work at ground zero and we were going to arrive in the middle of the night. I wanted to meet up with Glenn (which never happened) and work at the shops, even if it was just sweeping the floors. We decided to take the rig to ground zero and leave at first light for the drop off point in South Plainfield. Not only were they in dire need of the truck, it was also loaded with spare parts. We were met at ground zero with interest and our group was interviewed on radio and even squawk box on CNN. At first light there was gridlock and quite a jaunt to get out of the city. The rig arrived safe and sound and we stayed two days to work “the pile”. As much as the grandstanding comments from some which hurt me very much, that was never our intent, as this turned out to be a creature in its own right. It was always about our FDNY brothers.

PS Glenn you were a hero in your own right. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Seagrave ladder truck being delivered to NYC immediately following the attacks of 9/11/01

All ready to leave EFD station #2….let’s roll.

Seagrave ladder truck being delivered to NYC immediately following the attacks of 9/11/01

Somewhere on I-80….Ohio perhaps.

Seagrave ladder truck being delivered to NYC immediately following the attacks of 9/11/01

Just arriving at ground zero trying to find a safe spot to park.

FDNY Ladder 3 pulled from the rubble of the 9/11 terrorist attacks

The now famous L-3 rolls passed. Interesting how the derbies hang off the truck from the offices of the world trade center…..inclusive of a cord and receiver from someone’s desk. L-3 is now on static display at the memorial. Wonder if ” Jeff we will not forget you” is still on the back door?

the World Trade Center on the night of 9/11/01

Taking it all in as a tower ladder still flows water and parts of what are left of the world trade center rise up high into the night sky.

the World Trade Center on the morning of 9/12/01

The night begins to give up it’s darkness and the complete picture will be in view soon.

aftermath of the attacks of 9/11/01 seen on 9/12/01

An FDNY officer overlooks “the pile” as it was to be called. At various points bucket brigades were set up to sift thru the derbies for anything that could be recovered. It was anyone’s guess what might be in the ground up derbies….. I have never since looked upon a plastic bucket the same as before 911.

Firefighter with new fire truck at the World Trade Center on 9/12/01

My chase driver readies our final route to safely deliver the rig, which was loaded with much needed spare parts for the rigs that would be salvaged. Later he would uncover a fire fighter on “the pile” and alert the FDNY team to remove the remains.

memorials outside a NYC fire station on 9/12/01

The look on the fire fighter’s face says it all….I didn’t get a chance to say hello….his “T” shirt said Las Vegas FD on the back. There were fire fighters from all over the country that came to New York after the attacks. Many were frustrated as there was nothing they could do…..I felt fortunate to have had a task to complete.

cards are posted at a fire station after the attacks of 9/11/01

Up go more cards from the Elgin school kids….not one was missed.

FDNY Ladder 11 one year after the attacks of 9/11/01

A year later some of us returned to visit where the truck ended up. Eleven Truck as it is called is in the Alphabet city section of New York, not far from where the world trade center stood. The burned ladder sign on the front of the station, was recovered off their wrecked truck.

FDNY Ladder 11 after the attacks of 9/11/01

The front mural says it all.

Firefighters with American Flag at ground zero on 9/12/01

They promised they would never forget

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