Rosemont Public Safety Department donates fire engine to Michoacan, Mexico

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The Rosemont Public Safety Department held a ceremony this past week officially donating a fire engine to a volunteer fire department in Michoacan, Mexico (H. Cuerpo De Bomberos Voluntarios Rescate y Salvamento de Michoacan IAP). Mayor Brad Stephens, Public Safety Director William Anderson, and Public Safety Command Staff were all on hand for the ceremony that took place at Rosemont Fire Station 1. Also in attendance was Deputy Consul General Gerardo Guerrero Gomez from the Mexican Consul of Chicago, Imelda Hernandez Zuniga from the Michoacan, Mexico Health Department, members from the volunteer fire department, and members from the community.

The donation has been in the works for a number of years, however, due to COVID, the donation was delayed. We have worked with the Mexican Consul and members of the community in Mexico on this donation due in part because a large population of Rosemont residents grew up in and still have family from this area of Michoacan, Mexico.

After the ceremony, the fire engine was taken by members of the volunteer fire department and will be stored in Illinois until paperwork at the United States / Mexico border is finalized. Once complete, the fire engine will be delivered to its final location in Mexico via a flatbed truck. Currently, the volunteer fire department does not have a fire engine. They utilize a pickup truck with a water tank along with the simple method of water buckets to put out a fire.

It is an honor and pleasure to see this fire engine continue to serve a community in need. While the Rosemont Public Safety Department may no longer have a use for this fire engine, it is still in great condition and has many more useful years left. We hope that this can help protect the community in Michoacan, Mexico as much as it has for us throughout the years.

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