Excerpts from the racinecountyeye.com:

At its Tuesday morning meeting, the Police and Fire Commission reviewed possible changes to the city’s recruitment processes, specifically new-hire written tests.

During the meeting, Samantha Thorstad, HR analyst for the city, recommended doing away with the written test portion of the recruitment process. 

“The commission sets the weight of percentages for when we’re doing a police or fire recruitment,” Thorstad said.

In light of that finding, the HR department opted to “cancel out the written test scores so that there was no disparate impact.” 

“Which means we have 40 percent of the scores unaccounted for,” she continued. “The other two percentages in this process would be the panel interview and the chief’s interview. In talking with Chief Leipzig, as well as Steve Stanczyk, our recommendation would be to take the 40 percent that would normally be reserved for the written test and break that into 20 percent over both of the interviews.”

thanks Asher