This from Josh Boyajian:

Drew and I were recently in Madison and we visited several firehouses and shot a lot of rigs. Every firehouse we were at had at least one guy from the Chicago land area that now works there. When we went to Engine 4’s house, the lieutenant on duty was a previous Naperville fireman. He expressed to us how he recognized our names from CAF, (and that he views the site daily). He was more than happy to talk to us and take us wherever we wanted to go to shoot the rig. We went back to the firehouse where he invited us to stay for dinner. After dinner, we made our way downstairs, he gave us their new house t-shirts, and in exchange asked for two favors. One was to mail him back the picture of his rig, along with a Stickney t-shirt, and the other was for me to send these pictures to post on If you can that would be great!

Along with the pictures, can you post this thank you  …

– Thank you LT. Komarck and the shift at Engine 4.

Josh Boyajian


Madison FD Engine 4 company decal

Josh Boyajian photo

Madison FD Engine 4

Madison Engine 4. Josh Boyajian photo

Editor’s note: Josh, thanks for the story, and the photos. And thank you LT. Komarck for being a regular viewer. Perhaps we can use today’s post to begin a new series … of Long Distance Dedications!