This from Steve Redick:

A classic image from my dad. I believe he took this when assigned to snorkel 4 at 25’s house, then at the academy. Notice the bell cutout in the grill. Don’t know the identity of these companies.

Another great shot Tower & Pressure 3 taken at a fire at 62 & Stony Island

classic Chicago fire engines

Warren Redick photo

vintage Chicago fire trucks and water tower

Warren Redick photo

Another coupla shots …

Eng 48’s Pirsch taken at what was Engine 16 at 40th & Dearborn

High Pressure 1 across from Eng 1

These are great shots

antique Chicago Pirsch fire engine

Warren Redick photo

vintage photo of Chicago FD Pressure Wagon 1 fire engine

Warren Redick photo

Some additional notes from Mike K:

Great picture of Engine 48.  When I started my career at Engine 19, we had an identical pumper.  The rough ride of the back step on these old Pirsches force me to switch from Boxer shorts to Jockey shorts.  Actally, when this picture was taken, the firehouse shown at 4005 S. Dearborn was not Engine 16’s quarters.  It was Engine 48’s house.  Engine 16 was located at 31st and Dearborn and the property was purchased by Illinois Institute of Technology and engine 16 was doubled up with Engine 48 at 4005 S. Dearborn.
One of my Captain’s at Engine 19 was Captain of Engine 48 at that time and after repeated complaints to Commissioner Quinn that the single door firehouse was too small for two pumpers, he finally agreed.  Thus, he ordered Engine 48 removed from service and gave the house to Engine 16.  Captain Fletcher Thompson won his position, but found himself without a company to command.
After losing his assignment at Engine 48, he became Captain of Engine 45 until transferring to Engine 19 about a year after I was assigned there.
I’m not sure if Steve Redick is aware of the fact that 4005 Dearborn was originally Engine 48’s quarters, but his comment gives me the impression that Engine 48 was the “guest” at Engine 16.
Mike K