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This website is dedicated to the men and women of the fire service. It is provided as a means of highlighting the fire departments and the fire apparatus of Illinois. Each department or fire district listing will depict the fire station(s) and current apparatus. Down the road, fire stations and apparatus that are no longer in service will trace the history of each fire department.

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Most of the fire departments in the state of Illinois (as well as many in surrounding states) belong to an organization called the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System or MABAS. This is an organization to provide mutual aid through statewide preplanning by the member departments. MABAS divides the state into Divisions for administrative and governing purposes. It is these divisions that will provide geographical organization throughout this website. To learn more about MABAS, click here to visit the MABAS website. Fire departments can be tracked via the Index or MABAS map links above.