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Vintage Chicago 5-11 Alarm fire + 4 Specials, 4-2-68

From Steve Redick:

5-11 and 4 specials at 7400 S Kostner, April 2, 1968

massive historic fire in Chicago 1968

photographer unknown

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Vintage Chicago FD

This from Eric Haak:

For #TBT. I wanted to share these great color images taken in the Summer of 1963 of Truck 49 and Engine 126 outside of their quarters. No idea who the lucky young man is.

Vintage photo of Chicago FD H&L 49 circa 1950

photographer unknown

Vintage photo of Chicago FD Engine 126 circa 1950

photographer unknown

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Chicago FD Snorkel 6-6-1 history (part 5)

More photos depicting the Chicago FD Snorkel 6-6-1 history

Chicago FD Engine 5 and Snorkel 1 working a 5-11 Alarm fire

Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago FD Truck 3 and Snorkel 1 working a 5-11 alarm fire

Larry Shapiro photo

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Chicago Fire Department history

This from Steve Redick:

These are some great shots taken in the 70s. I would guess 73 or so … gotta love the “monument” in the background of the engine shot. 54’s Seagrave engine was a great rig, and how could ‘ya not like the traditional Seagrave aerials as well. This was a real ghetto fire company during the years of heavy activity. I believe my dad took these images when he was in the “real” 12th battalion.

The other photos are the kind of stuff SS3 ran with most of the time. 1956 IH former pressure wagons with stuff just thrown in the hosebed. Not sure who took these images but they are dated August 1969. The scenery is typical of their district. All the fires they went to and the primitive tools they used. 


Chicago FD Engine 54

Chicago FD Engine 54. Warren Redick photo

Chicago FD Truck 20

Chicago FD Truck 20. Warren Redick photo

Chicago FD SS3

Chicago FD SS3. photographer unknown

Chicago FD SS3

Chicago FD SS3. photographer unknown

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