The Daily Herald has an article about funding for the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Department:

Bypassing a property tax increase to residents, the Glen Ellyn village board on Tuesday instead moved to address a revenue crunch at the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Department with a flat fee on the village water bill.

The board voted 5-1 for a proposed property tax levy that would not contribute to the fire department.

The fire company’s revenue shortage has been on the horizon for some time, with the village moving to address it once and for all.¬†Donations have stagnated and fallen short of covering company costs. The company brought in $456,000 in revenue in 2012, but its projected operating budget came in at $684,000.

A preliminary analysis by village officials concluded that the monthly rate increase to a water bill would come to about $8 for a single-family home, $5 for residents living in a multifamily unit and $12.50 for estimated commercial units. Had the board chosen the property tax option, the owners of a $425,000 home would have seen an increase of roughly $100 on their annual tax bill.

An increase to the water bill could be structured a number of ways, according to village officials. A commercial rate could be established and tiered based on square footage. A residential rate could be established for a single-family versus multifamily with a rate per unit included to assess apartment complexes.

A survey by village officials estimated that the village is saving $3 million to $3.5 million annually from what a full-time department would cost.

Even without taxes funding the fire company, the village’s tax levy still will increase by 2.6 percent.

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