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MABAS Response Drill Photos

Another photo gallery has been posted detailing the MABAS 90-90 Response Drill from last Friday. The gallery by Larry Shapiro can be viewed by scrolling down on the page found HERE. Yesterday, Hank Sajovic posted a gallery of images which can be seen HERE.

MABAS 90-90 Drill

This is the pad at NIPSTA in preparation for the arrival of 11 task forces, each consisting of nine units. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS 90-90 Drill

This is the view from the same location after all of the task forces were in place. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS 90-90 Drill

Each task force brought three ambulances to the staging area. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS 90-90 Drill

The task force from Lake County (IL) Division 4 is shown arriving at north staging. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS 90-90 Drill

Staff personnel at two computer stations checked in all personnel via bar-coded MABAS issued ID cards. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS 90-90 Drill

Although media coverage for the response drill was extensive, evidently it was all centered at the north staging site at NIPSTA in Glenview. Reportedly the sites in Hoffman Estates and Tinley Park received much less media attention. Larry Shapiro photo

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More site updates

The following images have been added to the site to replace ‘coming soon’ placeholders:

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Several departments coming to the site

As time permits, photographs from the following new departments will be added to the site;

  • Joliet (images from Dennis McGuire, Karl Klotz, and George Reichardt)
  • Crestwood (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • Dolton (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • Alsip (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • CFD Special Operations (images from Hank Sajovic)

The following departments will be updated to include images that are missing:

  • Frankfort (images from Karl Klotz)
  • Tinley Park (images from Karl Klotz and Dennis McGuire)
  • Itasca (images from Larry Shapiro)
  • Rolling Meadows (images from Larry Shapiro)
  • Elk Grove Village (images from Larry Shapiro)

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Tinley Park updates

Karl Klotz stopped by Tinley Park last week so that he could provide some updated photos for the site. The page for Station 1 now has photos of Battalion 201 and Battalion 202, while the page for Station 2 has an updated photo of the tower ladder which is now lettered as Truck Co 202 (previously it was lettered as 203).

Tinley Park Tower Ladder Truck 202

Shown here with the updated lettering.

Tinley Park Tower Ladder Truck 203

Previously it was lettered as Truck Co 203.

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more Division 24 departments go online

Dennis McGuire, Jr. and Karl Klotz have been busy contributing images to bring Division 24 online. The following departments are now on this site:

Tinley Park with 4 stations (images by Karl)

East Hazel Crest (images by Dennis)

Hazel Crest (images by Karl)

Riverdale (images by Dennis)

As a matter of interest, the first three of these departments listed above have the same black over red color scheme in common.

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