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Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire and EMS Box Alarm 8-11-11

Shortly before 2AM on Thursday a motorist made a cellular 9-1-1 call and reported a fire at 3010 Mannheim Road in Franklin Park. First arriving units were met by heavy fire in the front lobby and on the third floor of a large, three-story, vacant motel property that is setup in the shape of an ‘H’ with a banquet hall in the rear. The building has been vacant for several years, and Franklin Park firefighters knew that the structural integrity of the building was suspect and they preplanned to take a defensive stance upon arrival if the building caught fire.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

The banquet hall on the right is surrounded by guest rooms. Heavy fire burns in the back of the main building which faces Mannheim Road and has spread to the adjoining wing on the left. Steve Redick photo

When the first companies found heavy fire, they immediately requested a MABAS Box Alarm from MABAS Division 20. A 2nd alarm was requested roughly 20 minutes later. Six elevated master streams were eventually put to work around the building with the Melrose Park Bronto (working it’s second 3-11 alarm fire in a 12 hour span) setup on the south (‘B’), Leyden Township to the west (‘C’) with an E-ONE HP75, Rosemont to the north (‘D’) with their Pierce tower ladder, and the other three were working on Mannheim Road in front of the building (‘A’). This included another Bronto from Elmwood Park, a Seagrave rear mount from Franklin Park, and another Pierce tower from Schiller Park.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

Schiller Park Tower 454 is working in front of the fire building on Mannheim road. Steve Redick photo

Engines that were due up to the 2nd alarm were two from Franklin Park, and one each from Stone Park, Elmhurst, River Grove, Norwood Park, Northlake, and Bensenville. Chicago Squad 7 from O’Hare was also due on the 2nd alarm.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim 8-11-11

The Melrose Park Bronto Skylift was positioned on the south side of the complex using the master stream to combat the fire. Larry Shapiro photo

Franklin Park, 3-11, night, vacant, fire, elevated master stream, E-ONE, Bronto, Elmwood Park, Melrose Park, Schiller Park, Leyden, Rosemont, smoke, Chicago Squad 7

Firefighters from Elmwood Park are above the roof on the southeast corner of the structure on Mannheim Road. Larry Shapiro photo

An EMS Box Alarm was also struck which brought ambulances from Schiller Park, Leyden Township, River Grove, and Bensenville in addition to an ambulance from Northlake. This allowed for multiple ambulances to be on standby for the multiple Rapid Intervention Teams that were part of the preplanning to accommodate the size of the property and the potential for unsafe conditions.

Franklin park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim 8-11-11

Schiller Park Tower 454 was on Mannheim at Center Avenue, the northeast corner of the building. Franklin Park Truck 2 and the Elmwood Park Bronto are further down the street. Larry Shapiro photo

A 3rd alarm fire box was initiated roughly an hour into the fire to provide relief companies for the crews that were working. This brought Maywood Truck 502 along with engines from River Forest, Berkely, and Hillside.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

Franklin Park's engine tagged a hydrant at the corner of Mannheim and Schiller Boulevard to supply water to Truck 2. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire proved to have a hold throughout the main building and required several instances where all lines were shut down to allow the fire to burn through the roof so that firefighters could have access to extinguish the flames. Several hand lines and multi-versals were put to use supplementing the elevated master streams.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

Several hours into the fire all of the lines were shut down so the fire could burn freely to allow firefighters better access to it. Larry Shapiro photo

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

The fire grows in intensity without water being applied. This in turn gave firefighters more access to fight the fire that was burning beneath the intact roof. Larry Shapiro photo

The alarms were finally struck out near 8AM as it appeared that companies finally had gotten the upper hand and were able to reach all of the deep seated fire which proved to be quite stubborn.

Several area photographers, Steve Redick, Tim Olk, Larry Shapiro, and Gordon J. Nord Jr., were at the scene overnight and will have images to post at different times during the day. As the images become available, the posting will be updated. Larry has a gallery HERE, and Steve has a gallery HERE.

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Wheeling 2-11 alarm fire 5-19-11

Wheeling IL Fire Department 2-11 townhouse fire 5-19-11

Upon arrival, fire companies were met by a large fire on the exterior of the townhouse that had communicated into the unit. Larry Shapiro photo

The Wheeling Fire Department received multiple calls shortly before 11PM reporting a fire along the outside wall of a four-unit townhouse on Ottawa Court in the Tahoe Village complex. Upon the arrival of police officers, the address was corrected to 573 Custer Court. The response was upgraded to a Code 4 working fire before the first fire units arrived on the scene based on the calls that were coming into the dispatch center. Companies arrived to find heavy fire that had full control of the exterior wall and had communicated into the first and second floors in addition to the attic. Mutual aid companies reported seeing the header against the dark sky from several miles away.

Wheeling IL Fire Department 2-11 townhouse fire 5-19-11

Before a permanent water supply could be established, firefighters used tank water to knock down the exterior fire. Larry Shapiro photo

All of the residents were out of the building when the fire department arrived and went to work. There was an initial concern about the establishment of a permanent water supply and the alarm was quickly upgraded to a MABAS Box Alarm and then to a second alarm. Heavy fire initially kept companies from entering the unit. later, a mayday was called for a firefighter working on the second floor. He sustained a knee injury but was able to exit the building on his own and later refused medical treatment on the scene.

Wheeling IL Fire Department 2-11 townhouse fire 5-19-11

Firefighters use a hand line to darken the fire on the exterior in the 'C' Sector. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire was held to the end unit with the neighboring unit sustaining some minor smoke damage and drywall damage from companies checking for extension. Apparently the homeowner had been cooking in a smoker along the exterior wall which is believed to be the cause of the fire.

Wheeling IL Fire Department 2-11 townhouse fire 5-19-11

The fire had a hold on the attic of the end unit but was knocked down before it could communicate to the next unit. Larry Shapiro photo

Mutual aid was from Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, and Long Grove on the Code 4 alarm. The Box Alarm brought Rolling Meadows, Des Plaines, Prospect Heights, North Maine, Glenview, Northbrook, and Elk Grove Township. The 2nd Alarm brought companies from Morton Grove, Niles, Lake Zurich, Palatine, Deerfield, and Northfield.

Wheeling IL Fire Department 2-11 townhouse fire 5-19-11

Firefighters perform overhaul on the exterior of the unit near the point of origin. A gas grille and a smoker were stored in this area and the smoker was reportedly being used too close to the structure. Larry Shapiro photo

Larry Shapiro and Tim Olk both took in the fire. Larry submitted several images and has a gallery HERE. Tim has a gallery HERE.

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Glenview Fire at Park District Facility

Flames were reported to be 40 feet in the air by police units when they arrived at the Glenview Park District Facility at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue just after midnight this morning. When Glenview Fire Department companies arrived  they initiated a defensive attack prior to requesting a MABAS Box Alarm for additional units. The building incorporated offices on one end and equipment storage throughout the rest. Several vehicles were destroyed along with the building. Several hand lines operated as well as elevated master streams from Northfield Truck 29 (E-ONE) and Glenview Truck 14 (Pierce).  Three engines from Glenview and one from Wilmette were pumping at this fire.

Glenview Box Alarm fire at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue 11-7-10

Thick smoke pours out of the northeast corner of the Glenview Park facility at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue un the early morning house of November 7th. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview Box Alarm fire 11-7-10 at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue

Northfield firefighters try to cool down a section of the building to stave off a flash over as the opposite end of the complex is a raging inferno. . Larry Shapiro photo

Photos and videos by Larry Shapiro and Steve Redick can be seen HERE and HERE.

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