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Stone Park Fire Department news (more)


Voting results on the referendum to reinstate the Stone Park Fire Department

Stone Park FD squad for sale

Found at

Auction #2776105 – 1997 Spartan/RD Murray rescue pumper

Current Price $6,000.00 (Reserve not met yet) Help window
Time Left 14 days 5 hours
High Bidder
# of Bids
First Offer $6,000.00
Auction Started Mar 31, 2021 1:54:32 PM MDT
Auction Ends Apr 22, 2021 2:00:00 PM MDT

Note: This auction might extend Help window
Seller Village of Stone Park

Terms and Cond. [View Terms and Conditions]
Pick-up Location
Village of Stone Park    [Map It]
1825 N 32nd Avenue
Stone Park, IL  60165
VIN:  4S7CT1092VC023762  
Mileage:  31,150  
Running Condition:  Good  
Tires:  Good  
Order a CARFAX Report

1997 Spartan 1500/750 Rescue Pumper, 4 door enclosed raised roof cab with 6 seats, Aluminum cab, Cummins 325 HP diesel engine with Allison automatic transmission, 1500 GPM single stage Hale pump, 3 crosslays above pump panel, right side LDH discharge, 750 gallon POLY booster tank with 10 gallon foam cell.  RD Murray Rescue Body Stainless steel body with full depth compartments on both sides.  Full length topside coffin compartments with flip-up doors.  Extended front bumper with piped front suction intake and pre-connected LDH storage.  Rear discharge in hose bed. Manual pump, working Q siren, on board generator.

1997 Spartan Gladiator /. RD Murray rescue engine for sale

thanks Dennis

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Stone Park Fire Department news

Good afternoon, 

My name is Maria Ramirez and am a resident of Stone Park.  Recently, we worked to get signatures to the following question on the ballot in an effort to get our fire department reinstated.  We are now at the beginning of early voting and still trying to gather funds to safely inform the residents to vote “YES”.  Please help us by posting our Go Fund Me link.  Any and all monetary donations are appreciated.  $5, $10 anything.  
Funds will go towards the purchase of signage and printed materials.  
Please also visit our website and watch the 70 years of service video.  
Thank you for taking the time to read this message.  
Very Respectfully, 
Maria Ramirez 
ballot initiative to reinstate the Stone Park Fire Department

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Stone Park Fire Department (more)

We are residents of Stone Park that have joined to attempt to reinstate our fire department.  Please review the information on the site. If you agree please sign the petition and share with your customers, friends and family.  Please help support or efforts. 
Thank you! 
Return OUR Fire Department - Stne Park

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Stone Park Fire Department news (final)

Final audio recording of Stone Park Fire Department going off the air

Thanks Stone Park FD 

thanks Dennis

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Stone Park Fire Department news (more)

The Stone Park Fire Department is closing

The Stone park Fire Department is being dissolved

found on Facebook

thanks Dennis 

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Former Stone Park fire engine for sale

Found at

2008 E-ONE PUMPER RESCUE #71696 $165,000.00

  • 39,000 miles
  • E-One Quest rescue pumper
  • 5-man cab
  • 4 SCBA seats
  • Detroit series 60 engine
  • Allison Transmission
  • Polished aluminum rims
  • E-Q2B siren
  • Hale 1500-GPM pump
  • Elkhart Stinger Deck gun
  • 500-gallon Poly tank
  • OAL 31’
  • OAH 9’8”
former Stone Park fire engine for sale photo

former Stone Park fire engine for sale photo

thanks Danny

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Stone Park Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Yesterday the Stone Park fire chief notified his employees that he will be outsourcing their work and closing up the fire department immediately after the New Year. The memo from the chief came just days after learning that the 13 firefighter/paramedics that work for the Stone Park Fire Department had filed a majority interest petition with the Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB) to be represented by Teamsters Local 700.

On Dec. 2, 2019, the Stone Park Fire Department issued a memo from the deputy chief that the department was now accepting applications for firefighter/paramedics. The ILRB petition for Teamster representation of the current employees was filed on Dec. 5, 2019.

The chief sent out another memo on Dec. 18, 2019 notifying the current firefighters and paramedics that starting in January, their work would be outsourced to the Melrose Park Fire Department due to the best interests of the taxpayers of Stone Park.

“The chief first put out applications for firefighter/EMS and then not even two weeks later says that the village doesn’t have the funds to support the fire department anymore,” said Teamsters Local 700 President Michael G. Melone. “From our experience, this move is not only despicable but puts the residents of Stone Park at risk. Outsourcing the fire department to a nearby town means higher response times when it comes to emergencies. The chief must think that the lives of the people in Stone Park aren’t worth the extra nuisance of having the union around. All of the residents in Stone Park should be extremely concerned and should be asking the village and the mayor why they are allowing this to happen.”

thanks Danny

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Stone Park fire engine for sale

Found on Facebook:

FOR SALE! Asking $195,000!!
2008 E-One Quest Rescue Pumper 1500/500
Please call Adam at 770-595-3782 or email for more info!

Inv# BDR-7503
5 Man Cab (4 SCBA Seats)
Air Conditioning
Detroit Series 60 Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
Mileage: 39,000
Elkhart Stinger Deck Gun

Great Condition
Available Now!

2008 E-ONE Quest fire engine for sale 2008 E-ONE Quest fire engine for sale 2008 E-ONE Quest fire engine for sale 2008 E-ONE Quest fire engine for sale

thanks Martin

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House fire in Stone Park, 1-1-18

Photos from Tim Olk of a house fire in Stone Park 1/1/18

firefighter uses a saw

Tim Olk photo

firefighter overhauls after a fire

Tim Olk photo

firefighters at winter house fire

Tim Olk photo

firefighters overhaul after a house fire

Tim Olk photo

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New home for Stone Park engine (more)

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found this on Facebook

Excerpts from

The Latrobe Freewill Hose Company 3 & 4 of Latrobe, Pennsylvania was in search of a new unit last year. When the unit they had initially looked at was sold, they turned to Command Fire Apparatus.

“We completely stand behind purchasing our 2001 Seagrave Pumper from Command Fire. Working with Glenn couldn’t have gone better,” said Captain Mike Skapura. “The company was extremely attentive to our needs when we found bits and pieces that we were displeased with,” continued Skapura.

Though the unit came with a handful of problems, the department took advantage of the 90 day warranty.

“The few problems we encountered with our Seagrave were handled with a high sense of efficiency,” expressed Captain Skapura. “We know that if and when we need a new unit, Command Fire Apparatus is where we’ll be purchasing from.”

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