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Steger Estates Fire Protection District news

From the Steger Estates FPD Facebook page:

Since 1957, the residents of the Steger Estates district have worked together to provide a fire station that answers the calls for Fire and Emergency Medical Services. We have shared with one another, and our neighbors, fire apparatus and personnel trained to answer the calls that no one wants to receive. We are proud of every member that has stepped up to answer the calls, knowing that the safety and well-being of our residents are the reason we are here.
As we look to the future and the continuing to provide services to our residents and our neighbors, we are asking for your help. On November 8th, there will be a measure on the ballot for a referendum. This referendum will increase the budget of the Steger Estates Fire Protection District by $150,000.00. The increase will be used primarily for the improvement of our staffing. We have enjoyed the benefit provided by duty and service of residents volunteering to answer the call, for many years. With changes in obligations and a decrease in volunteerism, we are looking to make operational changes in hopes of being able to provide 24 hour paid staffing.
For more than 60 years, the residents of our district have helped to save hundreds of lives by providing for this fire service. Help us to continue to help you for the next 60 years.

thanks Dennis

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New engine for Steger Estates FPD

From the Interstate Emergency Vehicles Facebook page:

Many thanks to the Steger Estates Fire Protection District for their purchase of Rosenbauer’s Maverick Pumper.

  • Freightliner M Series chassis
  • FX 3/16″ aluminum body
  • Rosenbauer 1250-gpm pump
  • poly 2,000-gallon water
  • Elkhart monitor / stacked tips
  • Led warning / scene light package
Rosenbauer Maverick pumper

click on the drawing for a downloadable file

thanks Dennis and Ron

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Steger Estates FPD history

This from Mike Summa:

TBT-This is the Steger Estates Squad 806, a 1949 Diamond Reo/Boyertown.  XPark Forest.  Enjoy and comment.
Mike Summa
Steger Estates FPD history

Steger Estates Squad 806, a 1949 Diamond Reo/Boyertown.  XPark Forest. Mike Summa photo


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Radio frequency changes in the ousth suburbs

This from Chris Ranck:

From the CARMA Facebook Page:
Steger, Steger Estates, and South Chicago Heights have switched to a VHF repeater system today. They are currently Simulcasting on 154.370 until all the pagers get reprogrammed. Receive is 151.2125 DPL115 Transmit is 159.1275 DPL315.

—¬†Rich Carlson, N9JIG

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Steger Estates is added to the site

Karl Klotz provided images of another department in MABAS Division  27. The Steger Estates Fire Protection District is a volunteer department working out of one station at 23940 S. Kings Road in Crete. They have an ambulance, a tanker, an engine, and a brush rig.

The newest piece is a 2005 HME/SFO/Ahrens Fox pumper tanker. They also run an E-ONE engine on a Freightliner chassis and one of the remaining E-ONE ambulances in the area.

Steger Estates FPD HME Ahrens Fox pumper tanker

Steger Estates FPD ambulance

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