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Prospect Heights has been updated on the site

Several apparatus images representing the Prospect Heights Fire District have been updated. Larry Shapiro attended a training session and had ideal conditions to take shots. Images for the following units have been added:

  • Ambulance 9
  • Squad 9
  • Tanker 9
  • Engine 9
  • Engine 39

Prospect Heights Fire Department Engine 9

Prospect Heights Fire Department Tanker 9 S&S

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Sauk Village is added to the site

Sauk Village Fire Station

The Sauk Village Fire Station. Karl Klotz photo

Sauk Village Fire Department patchThe Sauk Village Fire Department in MABAS Division 27 has been added to the site. Sauk Village has a relatively new fleet of Crimson apparatus on Spartan chassis with Gladiator cabs featuring the Evolution trim package. The rigs are black over red with a gold stripe. This scheme replaces white apparatus with a blue strip that the department has been running for quite some time. There is still one white engine left in the fleet, a 1995 Spartan Gladiator/S&S TM engine.

Sauk Village Fire Department Spartan Crimson tower ladder

Among the units from Crimson are an engine, a pumper/squad, and one of the area’s few mid-mount tower ladders. Previously, Sauk Village ran with a Hendrickson/3D/Darley/65′ Snorkel and another engine from S&S on a Spartan chassis.

Sauk Village Fire Department Snorkel

Sauk Village recently retired this 1980 Hendrickson 1871L/3D/Darley 65' Snorkel and replaced it with a 2008 Spartan Gladiator Crimson mid-mount tower ladder. Larry Shapiro photo

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