This from Drew Gresik:

Hey guys,
I took in the 2-11 this morning at 1433 S Kenneth. I arrived roughly 50 minutes into the incident, and at the time, the incident was a Still and Box. After being on scene for about 10 minutes, 2-2-1 requested a 2-11 Alarm for the heavy fire pushing throughout. A lot of commissioners took this one in too, including 2-1-3, Commissioner Jose Santiago. This fire also occurred during shift change so there were a lot of firefighters switching into gear and moving rigs around. Another interesting note is that there was a LOT of spare rigs at this incident, companies with spares include: Towers 5 and 14, Trucks 26 and 36, and another Truck and Engine (I think Engine 109 and Truck 29). Thanks, enjoy the pics!
Drew Gresik
PS Tower 5 was using E252 and Tower 14 was using E248. (Tower 5 backed into the vacant lot in Sector 4 and took over master stream ops for Tower 14…Squad 2’s Snorkel was also used as a master stream). E279 was being used by Truck 26 and was also in the lot next to the towers.
Chicago FD Engine 38

Engine 38 with lines off. Drew Gresik photo

Chicago FD Engine 95

Engine 95 on a hydrant. Drew Gresik photo

Chicago FD Engine 113

Engine 113 on a hydrant. Drew Gresik photo

Chicago FD Engine 117

Engine 117 on a hydrant. Drew Gresik photo

Chicago FD Seagrave aerial

Truck 26 was using this spare Seagrave ladder truck. Drew Gresik photo

two CFD tower ladders at fire scene

Two spare E-ONE tower ladders were working the fire. Drew Gresik photo

apartment building fire in Chicago

A hand line is deployed to the 3rd floor. Drew Gresik photo

Chicago FD Tower Ladder 54f

Tower Ladder 54. Drew Gresik photo

E-ONE tower ladder in Chicago

One of the spare E-ONE tower ladders working. Drew Gresik photo

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