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Chicago Heights to buy used engine

This from the Chicago

City Council Approves Purchase of Pre-Owned Fire Truck

The Chicago Heights City Council approved the purchase of a $50,000 pre-owned fire truck from the Village of Tinley Park.
The Chicago Heights fire department could have an addition to its fleet of fire trucks in the coming weeks, should the village of Tinley Park approve the sale of a 1994 Spartan Diamond … [Darley] Pumper … to Chicago Heights at its Tuesday, March 19 city council meeting.
Chicago Heights City Council members approved the purchase of the truck at its Monday, March 18 meeting. The truck will cost the city $50,000.
“This would kind of put a buffer in our fleet, in case anything goes wrong,” Chicago Heights Fire Chief James Angell said.
The truck, which has only 17,000 miles on it, comes with all the ‘bells and whistles,’ Angell said, stating the truck will come with almost all of the hoses, radios and ladders still on it. He added that the price of the truck is well under the cost of purchasing a new truck, which could cost the city between $325,000 and $375,000.

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Tinley Park FD Engine 211

Tinley Park Engine 211, a 1994 Spartan Diamond/Darley with a 1,500-GPM pump and 500 gallons of water may be purchased by the Chicago Heights Fire Department. Bill Friedrich photo

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Fox Lake is on the site

The Fox Lake Fire Department and Fire Protection District in Lake County has been added to the site. They have four stations although Station1, their original station, is unmanned. Their staffing is a combination of career, contract, and paid-on-call personnel.

Fox Lake Fire Department headquarters

Fox Lake Station 2 at 306 Washington is their headquarters. Larry Shapiro photo

As their namesake suggests, their district has quite a few lakes, and as such they have five boats housed in their stations. The apparatus is all by Alexis Fire Equipment and built on chassis by Spartan, with two exceptions. Tanker 2262 was built by E-ONE on a chassis by Federal Motors with a Hurricane cab, and reserve Engine 2223 was built by FMC on the first of three Super Command Cab chassis by Spartan featuring the original square design.

Fox Lake Fire Department Ladder Tower 2232

The only Nova-Quintech Sky-Arm aerial in the metro-Chicago area. Larry Shapiro photo

Spartan chassis in the department represent Gladiators, Diamonds, and Metro Stars with various door and roof configurations.

Fox Lake Fire Department Spartan Alexis engine

Several of the Fox Lake units feature a 'Montreal-Style' cab configuration with an interior operator's console. Larry Shapiro photo

Fox Lake Fire Department FMC Omega pumper

This was one of three Super Command Cab Spartan Gladiator chassis built in 1984. All three were delivered in the Chicago area. Larry Shapiro photo

Lisle Woodridge FPD Spartan Super Command Cab Gladiator

The Lisle-Woodridge FPD received one of the first three Super Command Cab Spartan Gladiators that was built on by E-ONE. Larry Shapiro photo


North Palos FPD Spartan Super Command Cab Gladiator Frontline Squad

Frontline built on the third Spartan Super Command Cab Gladiator chassis for the North Palos FPD. Larry Shapiro photo

Fox Lake Fire Department 1954 Pirsch pumper

This antique is the only piece of apparatus painted red in the fleet. Larry Shapiro photo

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New Crimson on order for Palatine

The Crimson Fire, Inc. website shows a new engine on a Spartan Gladiator chassis in the early stages of construction which is being built for the Palatine Fire Department. The new unit will have a 1,500-GPM pump and carry 500 gallons of water. Palatine has one Crimson engine currently in their fleet. Engine 84 was built in 2007 on a Spartan Diamond chassis with 750 gallons of water on-board.

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Roselle is added to the site

Roselle Fire Department station

Roselle's fire station is at 100 N. Maple Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

The Roselle Fire Department in MABAS Division 12 has been added to the site. Roselle runs out of one station packed full of apparatus, most of which was built by E-ONE. They have two engines, a tower ladder, and a wetside tanker in addition to a Darley heavy rescue, two medic units, and a 1927 Pirsch which has been restored for parade use.

This is a combination department with 13 full-time personnel, 33 part-time, and six contract medics. They cover the town of Roselle as well as unincorporated areas of Roselle, Itasca, Medinah, and Schaumburg. Some of their district is in Cook County although the majority  is located in Dupage County.

Roselle Fire Department tanker 561 E-ONE wetside

Roselle Fire Department Engine 521

Roselle Fire Department 1927 Pirsch Type S

Roselle Fire Department 1927 Pirsch Type S pumper

Roselle Fire Department 1980 GMC S7000 E-ONE medium duty rescue

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