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River Forest officials will be doing some research in the coming fiscal year to investigate the possible creation of a cost-saving, multi-village fire district in the future.

River Forest Village Administrator Eric Palm said cost would be a major component in discussing transition from a local department governed by the village to a “fire district,” which are separate entities that can levy taxes and would be run by a board of elected or appointed trustees, said Craig Haigh, the fire chief in Hanover Park, a village intersected by Cook and DuPage counties.

River Forest Trustee Michael Gibbs, who sits on the village’s fire committee, said he thought the decision to bring up fire districts again next fiscal year was mostly driven by finances and not necessarily service improvements. The same committee discussed the matter in 2009, and the village first explored the idea about 15 years before that.

Gibbs said there was interest this time around, but the concept had to gain some traction.

“Does a little town really need that apparatus to just serve that little town?” he asked. “If those smaller communities can pool their resources, that’s a big plus.”

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