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Wilmette historic gallery is added

Wilmette Fire Department history

Apparatus photos dating back to 1958 representing the Wilmette Fire Department have been assembled into a gallery which is accessible through the ‘Historic Photos’ button on the pages depicting the Wilmette stations. Images to date are from Bill Friedrich, Karl Klotz, and Larry Shapiro plus several from the collection of Jeff Schielke.

Wilmette Fire Department E-ONE Cyclone engine

In years past the fleet consisted of Seagrave apparatus and then beginning in the 1980s the department started to move the fleet to include units built by E-ONE. Today, as in years past, Wilmette staffs two stations, though the manner in which they run apparatus has changed. The west station, Station 2 runs an engine plus an ambulance and is home to the spare engine. The headquarters station has a battalion chief, an ambulance, and a tower ladder. On any given day if they are at full manning, the squad will be put into service to chase the ambulance. In reserve at this station is another tower ladder which insures that they will always have a tower in service regardless of maintenance or other issues that require taking the frontline piece out of service.

Throughout the 70s and into the mid-80s Wilmette had two trucks on the roster like they do today. They ran a 1962 Seagrave mid-mount ladder truck and a 1975 Seagrave 55′ Snorkel.

Wilmette Fire Department history

Sadly, we don’t as of yet have images of the Cadillac ambulances.

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Historic galleries coming

We are currently preparing historic photo galleries for the Niles Fire Department and the Wilmette Fire Department, both in MABAS Division 3. If any readers have images that they would like to submit for inclusion in these galleries, please send them to the


Some images from the Niles gallery:

Niles Fire Department antique squad truck

Niles Fire Department 1962 FWD Pitman Snorkel

Niles Fire Department Pirsch pumper

Some images from the Wilmette gallery:

Wilmette Fire Department 1958 Geagrave engine 50th Anniversart

Wilmette Fire Department 1962 Seagrave mid-mount quint

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