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Three McHenry County departments posting soon

Several contributors travelled to Division 5 (McHenry County) yesterday and photographed the apparatus and four fire stations of the McHenry Township FPD as well as Richmond and the three stations in Woodstock. As this represents eight stations and just under 50 pieces of apparatus, it will take a few days before the departments are posted to the site. Thanks are in order to Hank Sajovic, Karl Klotz, Bill Friedrich, Larry Shapiro and George Reichardt for braving the heat. Most of all though our thanks go out to the personnel at all three departments for being so helpful, outgoing, and patient to accommodate the group so that everything could be documented.

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Chicago apparatus updates

Several Chicago rig photos have been updated, some with new units and others to present a nicer photo. Hank Sajovic, Jack Connors and Steve Redick are to thank for these images.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 69

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Chicago apparatus updates

Three new 2010 Spartan Crimson 1500/500 engines were assigned in the month of May to engine companies 4, 65 and 82.  Eight new 2010 Ford F450/Braun ambulances have also been assigned with each of the following companies receiving one; Ambulance 14, 26, 37, 59, 80, 90, 91, and 94. Ambulances 26 and 59 are at O’Hare Airport and Ambulance 26 can be seen in a posting HERE.

Thanks to Hank Sajovic for the information.

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Cicero photo updates

Images of apparatus assigned to Cicero Station 3 on 34th Street have been updated. A recent trip to the area by several photographers on a sunny day provided the means for nicer photos of the tower ladder, engine 3 and the spare truck. The group consisted of Bill Friedrich, George Reichart, Don Feipel, Jeff Schielkie, Steve Redick, Hank Sajovic, and Larry Shapiro.

Cicero fire Department EONE E-ONE Cyclone II Tower Ladder

Cicero IL EONE E-ONE Cyclone II HP100 TDA Super Tiller Truck 2

2009 EONE HP100 Tillered Aerial as Cicero Truck 2. Photo by Steve Redick

Illinois Fire Photographers Hank Sajovic, Larry Shapiro, Bil Friedrich, Steve Redick

The fire-buff photographers with Stickney Truck 1204. From left to right are: Hank Sajovic, Larry Shapiro, Don Feipel, Bill Friedrich, Jeff Schielkie, George Reichart, and Steve Redick. Photo by Chief Larry Meyer

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New Oxygen Therapy Unit in Chicago

The Chicago Fire Department has put the first of a reported three Oxygen Therapy Units into service. Quartered with Engine 44, the first unit 8-8-11 is a converted mass transit bus with on-board oxygen canisters which feed upwards of 24 O2 recepticles. The buses will be used to treat multple patients with smoke inhalation. Future units may be quartered with Engines 88 and 117.

Chicago Fire Department 8-8-11 Oxygen Therapy Unit

Photo by Hank Sajovic

Chicago Fire Department 8-8-11 Oxygen Therapy Unit

Photo by Hank Sajovic

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Chicago Fire Department – updates

The Chicago Fire Department listings continue to be updated.  20 pieces of apparatus and one new station photo have been added thanks to submissions from Jack Connors, Karl Klotz, and Hank Sajovic.

Hank provided a shot of Engine 18’s new house.

Karl sent shots of Battalions 16 & 24.

Jack submitted the following:

Ambulances – 7, 41, 26, 59, 34, 44. Engine 94. Haz Mat Support unit 511A. Battalion 8. Trucks 59, 31, 26, 33, 42, 44, 49, 62 & TL14.

Use the CFD index to view these updates.

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final CFD stations are online

Today, the final 16 CFD firehouses were uploaded to the site! This is a milestone that we have been waiting for and required the assistance of several people to accomplish. As with many postings, this does not mean that every piece of apparatus is represented … just that each house has an active link. There is 1 (and only 1) house with no images posted at all … rigs or house, but that is an exception.  otherwise, every link has at east one … perhaps all images posted.

Four links on the CFD index listing remain inactive as of today … these are the Quinn Fire Academy, The Special Operations warehouse plus the two Air Mask locations.  These links will be activated soon.

It is possible that a list this comprehensive representing the Chicago Fire Department does not exist on any website … and when the remaining placeholders are filled this will truly be a first!

With that said, here is a listing of the current additions to the site with images submitted by Jack Connors, Karl Klotz, Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic

1st District: Engine 58, Engine 112

2nd District: Engine 68, Engine 71 and Engine 94.

4th District: Engine 57, Engine 113.

5th District: Engine 116

6th District: Engine 73, Engine 74, Engine 82, Engine 92, Engine 104, Engine 120, Engine 126 and Truck 24

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2 more CFD houses added

In the 2nd District, Engine 79‘s house is now online with images from Jack Connors and Hank Sajovic.


In the 1st District, Engine 55‘s house is online though it’s not complete. Images were provided by Hank Sajovic and Larry Shapiro.

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Engine 109 is online

CFD Engine 109 and Truck 32 have been added to the 4th District listings thanks to images supplied by Hank Sajovic.

Engine 109's house on S. Whipple

Engine 109's house on S. Whipple

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CFD updates

Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic have kept the CFD apparatus and station updates flowing in.  Here is a list of all the updated companies:

1st District: BN 2 in Engine 8’s house – Engine 19

2nd District: Engine 119’s 2009 Crimson plus Amb 39 and BN 11

4th District: Engine 38’s new house

5th District: Engine 15 – Truck 20 & Amb 14 in Engine 54’s house – Engine 60 – 458 in Engine 63’s house – Amb 30 and a shot of the station at Engine 129’s house

6th District: all new rig shots for Engine 46’s house – Truck 27 and an updated shot of Engine 62’s house – a new shot of 226 at Engine 81’s house – Amb 60 in Engine 93’s house – an updated photo of Engine 121’s house


new house for Engine 121 - Truck 40 - Battalion 21

new house for Engine 121 - Truck 40 - Battalion 21


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