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A request for assistance … patches

From a reader:

Could you tell me if there is a patch available for Engine 26? I see the Truck 7 patch on your site, but haven’t been able to find one anywhere for Engine 26 also. Thank you.
James Varkalis


A request for assistance …

I am putting together a Christmas Gift for my friend who used to ride with Truck 30 in Chicago back in the 90s.  The gift includes a patch of each company he spent time with.  I cannot find Truck 30 anywhere.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Facebook so I can’t message whomever runs the page.  Do you have access to a Truck 30 patch or know anyone who does?  I will pay for the effort and product.
Thank you for the consideration,
Ken Feckete
Local 416 Indianapolis

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Overseas request

Good evening, dear colleagues! I write you a letter from distant Russia! My name is Igor, I work for the fire department commander of the department. Several years ago, I started collecting different patches of fire brigades. I want to ask you a patch or any souvenirs with the logo of your fire department. If you will not be very difficult and expensive to send me the patch in the mail, I will be very happy. On behalf of all firefighters in our country, I am sending you a huge greetings and wish you good luck and success in your not easy, but very important and responsible work! Peace, kindness and happiness to you and your family, take care!

My postal adress:

Pereulok Garazhny dom 5, kvartira 76
Nizegorodskay oblast, N.Novgorod
Russian Federation, 603089
Kuznetsov Igor

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