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Evergreen Park Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa:

This is the Evergreen Park Truck 32, a 1956 Pirsch 750/250 65′ midmount aerial truck.  Please enjoy and comment.
Mike Summa
1956 Pirsch 750/250 65' mid-mount quint.

Mike Summa photo

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Down memory lane …

From Steve Redick:

  • Some Morton Grove rigs … the old squad and the Pirsch quint … followed those rigs when they were brand new on my 2 wheeler bike … those were the days … Morton Grove Engine 5 Hendrickson E1 …

  • Summit’s old squad … I loved those old Gerstenschlager type units …

  • CFD H&L2 just after being vacated … no longer standing …

I kinda like looking at these old shots … if you enjoy these photos, why not share some memories with the rest of us ….



Morton Grove Fire Department history

Steve Redick photo

Morton Grove Fire Department history

Steve Redick photo

Morton Grove Fire Department history

Steve Redick photo

Morton Grove Fire Department history

Steve Redick photo

Summit Fire Department history

Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department history

Steve Redick photo



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Bloomingdale has been added to the site

Bloomingdale Fire Protection District No. 1 headquarters fire station 1

Bloomingdale Fire Station 1 on Bloomingdale Road houses the fire department headquarters and the emergency dispatch center. Larry Shapiro photo

The Bloomingdale Fire Protection District No 1 in MABAS Division 12 has been added to the site. Bloomingdale has three stations though one is strictly used for storage. Station 2 at 6N480 Keeney Road (which has a Roselle address) was originally part of the Keeneyville Fire District. This station has two spare engines and an out-of-service ambulance which may be converted to a dive unit.

Bloomingdale Fire Department ambulance

This out-of-service ambulance might be converted into a newer dive unit to replace Dive 9 which is assigned a 1997 Freightliner FL50/Medtec. Larry Shapiro photo

Bloomingdale has their own dispatch center in the basement of Station 1 which serves Bloomingdale in addition to the Elk Grove Township Fire Protection District and theItasca Fire Protection District.

Bloomingdale runs a fleet of Pierce apparatus which includes a tower ladder and three engines on a Lance chassis, one engine on an Enforcer chassis, and an engine on a Quantum chassis. They have on order a 2,000-gallon pumper/tanker on a Velocity chassis which is due this year. The two in-service ambulances as well as the Dive Squad all feature boxes built by Horton.

Bloomingdale Fire Protection District Engine 1 Pierce Quantum

The newest engine in Bloomingdale is this 2005 Pierce Quantum assigned to Engine 1. John Tulipano photo

Prior to becoming a Pierce customer, Bloomingdale was exclusively a Pirsch customer for many years. In 1981, they received the last engine on a custom Pirsch chassis that matched two engines and a 1972 85′ mid-ship quint.

Bloomingdale Fire Protection District 1981 Pirsch custom pumper

In 1981, Bloomingdale Engine 2 featured the last custom cab built by hand at the Pirsch factory in Kenosha. From this point forward, Pirsch purchased stock cabs from Truck Cab Manufacturers (TCM) and applied a trim package to make their appearance unique to Pirsch products. Larry Shapiro collection

Bloomingdale Fire Protection District custom Pirsch mid-mount quint

Bloomingdale Truck 4 was built in 1972 to match one Pirsch engine already in the Bloomingdale fleet complete with the edge warning lights. They would later have a total of four matching custom Pirsch units. Larry Shapiro collection

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Evergreen Park Pirsch featured in ad occasionally posts an entry entitled “Looking Back” where he displays a magazine ad from Fire Engineering Magazine which appeared in the 1950s. Recently, the ad from April of 1957, represented the Peter Pirsch & Sons of Kenosha, WI. In the ad was a drawing showing a mid-ship quint from Evergreen Park.

An article about the Pirsch in 1981, several years before the company shut down, can be found HERE.

Peter Pirsch & Sons magazine ad April 1957

Evergreen Park Fire Department 1965 Pirsch mid-mount quint

Bill Friedrich supplied us with an image of the unit as deployed in Evergreen Park matching their yellow rigs. This 1965 mid-ship quint had a 750-GPM pump, 250 gallons of water, and a 65' ladder. This 'modern' photo of Truck 32 features a Federal Q siren and two 888 warning lights on the fenders in addition to a roof beacon.

Evergreen Park Fire Department 1956 Pirsch mid-mount quint

Another image from Bill Freidrich after the truck was painted black over red by a local shop. The Q siren has been moved from the fender to the bumper.


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