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New area apparatus deliveries

Josh Boyajian, Martin Nowak, Ron Heal, and Bill Friedrich steered us towards the following new deliveries from Pierce:

Thronton Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Thornton Engine 777 is a 2012 Pierce Arrow XT with a 1,250-GPM pump and 750 gallons of water. Ron Heal photo

With this new engine, Thornton becomes the first area department to sport this silver/gray over red paint scheme.

  • Rockford Fire Department
Rockford Fire Department Quint 1

Rockford also received this quint for Quint 1. It is a 2012 Pierce Velocity with a 105′ rear mount aerial, a 1,500-GPM pump and 300 gallons of water. Ron Heal photo

Rockford received two other pierce quints for Quint 5 and 9 earlier this year.


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Winfield added to the site

Winfield Fire Protection District headquarters station

The Winfield Fire Protection District headquarters station on Highlake Road. Larry Shapiro photo

In western Dupage County is the town of Winfield. The headquarters station of the Winfield Fire Protection District sits across the street from the Central Dupage Hospital. Winfield has two stations though only the headquarters facility is staffed. A combination of full-time and part-time firefighters have two medic units, an engine, a pumper/tanker, a brush rig and a dive squad at their disposal. Station 2 houses a reserve engine, an inflatable boat, and a Fire Investigation Unit which belongs to the Dupage County Sheriff’s Department with a combined law enforcement/fire personnel task force.

Dupage County Sheriff Fire Investigation Unit

All of the fire suppression units were built by Pierce, the two newest rigs feature the PUC design. Engine 611 was built by Pierce as a stock/demo unit and was displayed at the FDIC in Indianapolis several years ago where it was purchased by Winfield. It features a Custom Contender chassis (which is a modified Saber). The department later developed plans for what would be the first tandem-axle PUC pumper/tanker. Tender 614 was built on an Impel chassis.

Winfield Fire Protection District Pierce Impel PUC pumper/tanker

Winfield Fire Protection District Pierce Impel PUC pumper/tanker

Winfield Tender 614 was displayed in the Pierce booth at the 2010 FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

Dive Rescue 680, a 1992 Ford E-350 with a Supreme body, was purchased with funds donated by the Fireman’s Fund insurance Company.

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New Pierce in Bristol-Kendall

Josh Boyajian spotted this photo on the Pierce Flickr site of the new engine for Bristol-Kendall. Bill Freidrich mentioned this unit to us last week when it was posted HERE. It is a Custom Contender CAFS unit that was originally built as a stock piece.

Bristol-Kendall FPD Pierce Custom Contender pumper

Pierce delivery photo of the Custom Contender for Bristol-Kendall. Pierce photo

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Bristol-Kendall gets new engine

Bill Freidrich tells us that the Bristol-Kendall Fire Department in MABAS Division 14 purchased a Custom Contender CAFS unit from Pierce that was delivered on Tuesday.  This was a stock unit and photos will be posted when they become available.


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Posen is added to the website

The Posen Fire Department has been added to the MABAS Division 22 listings. Posen runs with a Pierce engine and a Pierce quint, two ambulances, a squad and a utility. They also house the MABAS Division 22 Decon unit and a communications van for the division as well. There is a 1938 antique engine which we have not yet featured. Images on the website are from Dennis McGuire, Jr and Karl Klotz.

Posen Fire Department station

The Posen Fire Department station is located at 2440 Walter Zimney Drive. Karl Klotz photo

Posen Fire Department ambulance 2802

Posen Fire Department Pierce quint

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