Excerpts from theChicagoTribune.com:

The Lemont Fire Protection District received a grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation with the support of the Orland Park Firehouse Subs. The grant provided funding for a UTV, a 6-wheel by Polaris.

The Lemont Fire Protection District has over 15 miles of trails, and without the UTV, firefighters can not get back to some of those areas when conditions are wet and snowy. Trucks would get stuck. The UTV is multi-use as it can be fitted for snow as well as being able to be used with a backboard. Another beneficial use is the added 70-gallon water tank with a small hose to put out brush fires especially in those hard to reach areas for the larger trucks. In addition, the department has purchased a trailer to transport the UTV to other communities to assist and use all over the area.

“We appreciate the fact that this was made available for us,” said George Rimbo, Fire Chief of the Lemont Fire Protection District. He added, “Plus they’re awesome subs, I love ’em!”

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