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New home for Illinois apparatus (part 5) – Kentucky

More from Luke Whalen:

Versailles (Woodford County) X-Mundelein, IL Truck 
Woodbine (Whitley County) X-Glenwood, IL Engine 401
Goldbug (Whitley County) X-Rockdale, IL Engine 
Sullivan (Union County) X-Dupo, IL Engine 192 
Bedford (Trimble County) X-Orland, IL Engine 6083 
Spencer County (Spencer County) X-Park Ridge, IL Engine
Taylorville-Spencer (Spencer County) X-Mitchell, IL Engine 1101
Simpsonville (Shelby County) X-Plano, IL Rescue 
Stamping Ground (Scott County) X-Glenwood, IL Engine 401 and X-Glenwood, IL Engine 402 
Pongo (Rockcastle County) X-Plano, IL Rescue 
Livingston (Rockcastle County) X-Dunlap, IL Engine 215
Climax (Rockcastle County) X-Carlock, IL Engine 110 
Coal Run Village (Pike County) X-Chicago Engine 
Cornettsville (Perry County) X-Springfield, IL Engine 7 
Montgomery (Montgomery County) X-Springfield, IL Engine 1 
Reidland Farley (McCracken County) X-Glencoe, IL Squad 30 
West McCracken (McCracken County) X-Limestone FPD, Peoria, IL Engine 
Lebanon (Marion County) Unknown, IL 
Neon (Letcher County) X-Glen Ellyn, IL Truck 31 
Coon Creek (Leslie County) X-Springfield, IL Engine 2
Little Poplar Creek (Knox County) X-Roberts Park FPD, Justice, IL Engine 
Hindman (Knott County) X-River Forest, IL Truck 221 

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Orland FPD history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT – With the 50th Anniversary of the Orland Fire Protection District this year, here is a glimpse of their pre-district days.  It is a tanker built on a 1940’s International chassis.  If anyone knows more information, please feel free to inform.

Mike Summa
1940's era fire engine from the Orland Park Volunteer Fire Department

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Orland FPD history

This from Mike Summa:

This is from the Orland Fire Protection District.  Took these in the late 1970s.  It is a Ford C/Emergency 1 squad.  Unknown specs.  Took the second picture at their training academy after it got into an accident.  Hope that you enjoy,
Mike S.
Orland FPD history

Orland FPD Ford/E-ONE. Mike Summa photo

Orland FPD history

Orland FPD Ford/E-ONE. Mike Summa photo

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