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Ontarioville Volunteer FD gets historic plaque

Ontarioville Volunteer Fire Department

In the 1920s, a service station housed the fire trucks of Hanover Park and became the village’s first fire department.

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In the 1920s, a service station at 2064 W. Lake Street housed the fire trucks of Hanover Park and became the village’s first fire department. That location, where Suburban Tire Auto Repair Center is now located, was designated with a heritage marker for its historic significance.

Hanover Park Fire Chief Craig A. Haigh and more than 50 people attended, as local officials unveiled a commemorative plaque at the site.

Called the Ontarioville Volunteer Fire Department, the unit was established April 3, 1928 with a $282 collection from the community.

Hanover Park Fire Lieutenant Jim Hite said he was about six years old when he would visit the location with his late father, Glen Hite, a volunteer firefighter.

“Back then they would talk about an eight minute response time from here to Sherman Hospital,” Hite said. “Now we can’t even make it across town in that time,” he joked, as four lanes of traffic during the rush hour event on West Lake Street passed by.

Along with less congested traffic back then, Hite recalled a 1962 Harvester fire truck at the station that he actually saw there again in 1982, when he joined the department. “It wasn’t a response vehicle, but it was used in parades and things,” he said.

These days, the Village of Hanover Park has a full time fire protection department and still uses volunteers to staff the rehabilitation unit.

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The color of fire trucks (part 3)

The third post in this series outlines the departments in Division 2 that have converted their apparatus over the years to red.

The Bartlett & Countryside Fire Protection District had several generations of engines that were painted bright yellow. These included two Hendickson-Howe engines, one Ford-Howe engine, one Ford-Grumman engine, two Seagrave engines, and a Chevy-Super Vac squad. They switched to black over red in 1986.

Bartlett & Countryside FPD Hendrickson Howe top-mount engine

This unit that was assigned as Engine 612 was delivered in 1973 by Howe. It featured a small top-mount pump console for the 1,000-GPM pump. It carried 800 gallons of water and was on an International chassis with a Hendrickson 1871S cab. Larry Shapiro collection

The Hanover Park & Ontarioville Fire Protection District had multiple units that were white over lime green before switching to black over red in 2001. They had three Hendrickson-Howe engines similar to the ones in Bartlett, a Hendrickson-American-LTI truck, a Spartan-EONE squad, a Spartan-EONE engine, and an EONE Cyclone engine, all of which were painted white/green.

Hanover Park FIre Department Hendrickson LTI fire truck

Hanover Park ran this 1977 American Fire Apparatus unit that had a 100' LTI rear-mount aerial and was built on a Hendrickson chassis with an 1871S cab. Larry Shapiro collection.

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