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New tanker for Momence FPD

This from Karl Klotz:

Earlier this year, Momence FPD (MABAS Division 7) received an new tanker.  This replaces Tanker 94, the 1989 Ford/Quality /1964 Darley.
Tender 94 – 2012 International / UST 500gpm/2500gwt
Momence Fire Protection District

New Tender 94 for the Momence FPD is a 2013 IHC 7500/US Tanker 500/2500. Karl Klotz photo

Momence Fire Protection District

The former Momence Tender 94. 1989 Ford/Quality /1964 Darley. Karl Klotz photo

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New truck for Downers Grove

Bill Friedrich submitted the following:

I am pleased to showcase our new ladder truck. It just arrived today (Friday). After mounting equipment and training, the department is hoping to have this vehicle in service mid-October. The unit cost $840,000 and was sold by Kevin Lueder of Fire Apparatus & Supply Team. It is on a Spartan Sirius chassis and has a 2,000-GPM pump, 300 gallons of water, and a 100′ tower ladder.
Downers Grove Fire Department Spartan Sirius/Smeal tower ladder

Downers Grove just received a new 2011 Spartan/Sirius Smeal 100' Tower Ladder fro Trick 2. Bill Friedrich photo

Downers Grove Fire Department Spartan Sirius/Smeal tower ladder

The officer's side of Downers Grove Truck 2. The unit has a 2,000-GPM pump and carries 300 gallons of water. Bill Friedrich photo

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