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New area apparatus deliveries

Several local area delivery composites have been added to the Pierce Flickr site:

Bolingbrook new Pierce engine

New Impel PUC for Bolingbrook. Pierce composite

Bolingbrook 2012 Impel PUC for Engine 5.

Darien-Woodridge FPD new Pierce quint

New Velocity PUC quint for Darien-Woodridge with roll-up doors. Pierce composite

Darien-Woodridge Truck 619’s new Pierce Velocity 105′ PUC.

Pleasantview FPD new Pierce PUC quint

New Velocity PUC quint for Pleasantview FPD with roll-up and hinged doors. Pierce composite

Thanks Ron & Martin



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New truck delivered to Darien-Woodridge


This from Jim Skrabel with Darien-Woodridge.

Thought you guys would like a photo of the new truck. It was delivered june 8th.  Crews have begun training with it. It was also at the show in Peoria.

Darien Woodridge Fire Protection District new Pierce quint

New Truck 619 for Darien-Woodridge. Jim Skrabel photo

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New truck for Darien-Woodridge

Jim Skrabel from Darien-Woodridge forwarded this image from the Pierce plant of the new 105′ truck scheduled for delivery in early June.

Darien-Woodridge FPD Pierce Velocity Truck 619

The new "all red" 105' Velocity aerial for Darien-Woodridge. Photo by Darien-Woodridge FPD Lt. Rich Sanborn

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