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Where are they now … Elk Grove Village & Oswego

This from Christopher T. Holmes:

Here are photos of Waubonsee Community College‘s ambulance and engine. The engine ix X-Elk Grove Village and the ambulance is X-Oswego FPD.
Christopher T. Holmes
former Oswego FPD ambulance

This Waubonsee Community College ambulance is X-Oswego FPD. Christopher T. Holmes photo

Oswego FPD ambulance

Oswego FPD ambulance. Bill Friedrich photo

former Elk Grove Village FD engine 10

This Waubonsee Community College engine is X-Elk Grove Village. Christopher T. Holmes photo

Former Elk Grove Village FD fire engine

Elk Grove Village Engine 9. Larry Shapiro photo

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Antioch FD updates

This from Jeff Rudolph:

These run out of Antioch Sta 2
A212 is former Deerfield A20R and Squad 212 is former Knollwood S44,

Jeff R

Antioch FD ambulance

Antioch FD Ambulance 212 is a former Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD ambulance. Jeff Rudolph photo

Pierce Saber fire engine

Antioch FD Squad 212 is a former Knollwood FD engine. Jeff Rudolph photo

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As seen around … New Washington, IN

This from Martin Nowak:

Found a former Oak Lawn ambulance in its new life.

new life for old ambulance

Former Oak Lawn ambulance now serving New Washington, IN. Frank Weglaski photo

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