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Lake County Indiana MABAS update (more)

This from Brad Steinweg:

I have come across a few articles on the page regarding Lake County (IN) switching to a consolidated channel. I have gotten the frequencies for these channels. There are 2 channels that do the dispatching; 154.815 and 154.445, however I have received more traffic over 154.815 so I’m unsure if the second frequency is a backup. For MABAS incidents they use the IFERN frequency 154.265. I believe Hammond and Gary may have private channels, as I have not picked up any traffic from them.

-Brad S.

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Lake County Indiana MABAS update

This from Dennis McGuire, Jr.

Starting in October, Lake County, Indiana fire departments and police departments will all be dispatched by one center. Motorola Solutions, Inc. and AT&T have been working on this for a year. Not all of the fire departments went online at once, but at the end of October all departments will be under the new center. I believe the center is located in Crown Point, Indiana. The numbering system is as follows:
00     = Stations
01-09= Officers
10-19= Engines
20-29= Trucks
30-39= Rescues
40-49= Tankers
50-59= Specialty Units
60-69= Ambulances
70-79= Brush trucks
80-99= Individual department members
The following is a partial list of the departments and their assigned number(s):
1200-Cedar Lake
1500-Crown Point
1800 to 2100-Dyer
2500-East Chicago
3100 to 3300-Griffith
4100 to 4800-Hammond
5100 to 5200-Highland
5300 to 5600-Hobart
5800-Lake Dale
5900-Lake Hills
6100-Lake Ridge
6300 to 6400-Lake Station
6600 to 6800-Lowell
6900-New Chicago
7000 to 7400-Merriville
7500 to 7700-St. John
7800 to 800-Schererville
8500 to 9900-Gary

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